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About Flynas Airlines

Flynas is a low-cost airline that is based in Saudi Arabia, with its headquarters in Riyadh. The domestic and international airline was the country's first budget airline. Initially, it was founded as Nas Air in 2007 and later in 2013, the company changed its name to Flynas.
Flynas Airlines is majorly owned by National Holding Company and has its operating hubs located at King Khalid International Airport, King Abdulaziz International Airport, and King Fahd International Airport. The first economic airline in Saudi Arabia flies to 11 domestic destinations and 26 international destinations. More than 950 flights are operated on a weekly basis, covering destinations in Middle East, Asia and Europe.

The low-cost carrier is preferred because of its affordable fares and professional services. Flynas has expanded at a steady pace and is one of the fastest growing private airlines in the Middle East. It gains competitive advantage over the other airlines because of its lower flight ticket costs and top-notch features.

The top domestic flight routes cover Jeddah, Riyadh and Madinah and all of these are great tourist destinations. Flynas doesn’t just fly to the most popular destinations but also offers a range of international flight routes to its passengers like Abha to Al Baha, Jeddah to Tabuk, Dammam to Madinah and more. If you are looking for international Flynas flights, you can fly to Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

Flynas Airlines Reservation/ Why make Flynas booking on Cleartrip?

Hundreds and thousands of people looking for Flynas flights log on to Cleartrip. Why? Because Cleartrip finds it safe, reliable and easy. In fact, Cleartrip is one of the most reliable online air tickets booking platform. Here, you can browse the latest Flynas Airline flights and compare the results to get the best possible fares. What makes it easy and simple is the simplified and easy to follow information regarding flight numbers, arrival and departure timings, available flights operating across the world, etc. Apart from this, you can enjoy some great promotional offers and deals to get great discounts on your flight tickets. Browse the online booking platform well in advance to book your Flynas flight and book a round trip to lower the fares further.

Flynas Airlines Online Check-In and Boarding Pass

Flynas offers special facilities and features to add to the comfort of the passengers. The airline allows the passengers to check-in online about 48 hours before the departure. The online check-in closes prior to 2 hours of scheduled departure for international flights and 1 hour for domestic flight. If you want particular seats with extra legroom or want to be seated with your friends and family, you can contact the customer care and put in your request.

Flynas Airlines Services and In-Flight Meals

Flynas is preferred by its passengers because of the special facilities and features offered by them despite being a low-cost airline. Flynas online booking allows the passengers to manage their booking easily and become a member of their Loyalty Program. Passengers can fly regularly with Flynas Airlines, earn points and redeem free miles.

Passengers can unwind and relax at the Executive Lounges available at the airport. In-flight meal options with Flynas are really impressive as the airline offers a range of salads, hot dishes and snack meals. However, the passengers have to pre-order their meals at least 12 hours in advance of travel. One can choose from some great options like cheese omelets, fresh fruit salad, croissant, grilled chicken salad, vegetable penne pasta, beef lasagna, chicken biryani, Turkey and Cheese Sandwich, Tuna Salad Sandwich, and there is even a kid meal that can be enjoyed by your children.

Baggage Policy

Flynas airline baggage polices are generous but stringent and are based on the local occupational safety rules. Browse the airline website to check the latest rules and policies regarding baggage allowance and extra baggage. It is essential to get the latest information on baggage allowances and restrictions. Keep in mind that the baggage allowance can vary based on the class and the route.

For the Economy class traveler, the baggage allowance will be based on the selected product bundle androute. For Cairo, Khartoum, Kano, Lahore, Islamabad, Algiers, Baghdad, and Erbil flights passengers areentitled to carry baggage with a maximum weight of 30kg.

Domestic Flight Baggage Policy

  • 1 piece of cabin baggage with maximum dimensions of 56cm H, 36cm W, 23cm and maximum weight of 7kg is allowed.
  • 1 check-in baggage with maximum weight of 20kg is allowed for domestic plus and 30kg for domestic premium.
  • 2 check-in baggage allowed for domestic business passengers with maximum weight not exceeding 25kg each.
  • A small laptop case or handbag is also allowed.

International Group 1 Flight Baggage Policy

  • 1 piece of cabin baggage with maximum dimensions of 56cm H, 36cm W, 23cm and maximum weight of 7kg.
  • 1 check-in baggage with maximum weight of 20kg allowed for International plus passengers.
  • 2 check-in baggage, each with a maximum weight of 25kg allowed for International business and 1 check-in baggage weighing 30 kg allowed for premium passengers.
  • A small laptop case or handbag allowed.

International Group 2 Flight Baggage Policy

  • 1 piece of cabin baggage with maximum dimensions of 56cm H, 36cm W, 23cm and maximum weight of 7kg.
  • 1 check-in baggage allowed for International light and plus with maximum weight of 20kg and 30kg respectively.
  • 2 check-in baggage allowed for International premium and business passengers with maximum weight of each bag being 20kg and 25kg respectively.
  • A small laptop case or handbag allowed.

International Group 3 Flight Baggage Policy

  • 1 piece of cabin baggage with maximum dimensions 56cm H, 36cm W, 23cm and maximum weight 7kg is allowed.
  • 1 check-in baggage with maximum weight of 30kg allowed for Economy Class.
  • 2 check-in baggage with maximum weight of 25kg each is allowed for Business Class.
  • A small laptop case or handbag allowed.

Please check the weight and size of your cabin and check-in baggage before you leave so that it doesn’t exceed the limits allowed as you will have to pay extra fees. To be extra safe, you can check it in as Hold Baggage. In your cabin baggage, you are allowed to carry liquids or gels but they should not exceed 100ml and must be carried in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag.

Travel Classes on Flynas Airlines

Flynas offers two travel classes - Economy and Business, and no matter what class you travel in, the Flynas crew ensures that you enjoy top-notch facilities and services.

Business class cabin has spacious and comfortable leather seats that are 48 inches wide. Business class passengers can modify the time of their flight 3 hours from the flight departure without any fee and enjoy free access to executive lounges. They are also offered free meals on board.
Economy class passengers can access executive lounges by paying an extra fee. They can order their favorite meals 24 hours prior to their flight’s scheduled departure or order meals and drinks on board as well.

Flynas Airlines Fleet Information

Flynas fleet size is very impressive which 34 aircrafts comprises of 22 Airbus A320, 3 Airbus A330, 1 Boeing 400-747, 6 Embraer 190, and 2 Embraer 195.. The aircrafts consist mainly of Airbus A320 and with Business and Economy configurations which can transport 156 Economy and 8 Business class passengers. A320 is a single-aisle product that has set high benchmarks for comfort and operating economy.

Cleartrip’s Runway for Flynas Airlines

If you are a Saudi Arabian citizen and are looking for great flight options but at lower rates, your answer lies with Flynas Airlines. For all those who are not UAE citizen must apply for UAE visa and fly with Flynas Airline. And if you are looking for the leading flight routes and the best possible fares, then just log on to Cleartrip to simplify the whole process.

Booking your flight with Flynas Airlines via Cleartrip is as easy as 1-2-3. Browse our online booking platform trusted by hundreds and thousands of passengers worldwide. All you need to do is find the flight by entering your route, select the flight, fill in the passenger and other details, and pay online to book your seat. You will get your booking status within minutes. Explore the world with deals on Flynas flights and plan your trip accordingly.

Another major advantage of booking Flynas via Cleartrip is that you can get your PNR status quickly, which allows you to get a real-time status of your booking and have access to latest updates. Another facility that is loved by Cleartrip followers is the option of web check-in that allows one to check-in online and print their boarding pass in advance.

Below are some of the best features of booking Flynas flight tickets via Cleartrip:

  • Use the one-touch booking feature and book flights within couple of minutes.
  • Check the PNR status online easily.
  • Web check-in option to save time at the airport.
  • Book flights using the Cleartrip mobile app.
  • vGet the best deals for Flynas domestic and international flights.
  • Cancel and reschedule your air tickets.
  • Multiple secure payment options.

Flynas Airlines News & Updates

  • Flynas airline plans to add 5 international routes in the summer of 2019
  • Flynas introducing seasonal service in summer 2019 from Riyadh to Sarajevo.
  • Flynas carried about 6.6 million passengers on 60,000 domestic and international flights
  • Flynas empowers Saudi women and announced first batch of the Saudi Female Flight Attendants program
  • Flynas announced employment applications for experienced pilots.

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  1. How can I web check-in with Flynas airline?

    Web check-in facility is available for flights from all KSA airports and Dubai. The facility opens 48 hours before the departure and closes one hour before scheduled departure for domestic flights and 2 hours for international flights. You will get a QR code on your smartphone, which can be used to get the boarding pass and you can print it at home.

  2. How much do I pay for any extra luggage?

    You can avoid the extra luggage charges and can save up to 50% by pre-paying for hold baggage that are in excess of the bag allowance. Contact sales offices 12 hours before your scheduled departure time for more details.

  3. Can I bring in tobacco into Saudi Arabia?

    Yes, one is allowed to carry tobacco products for personal use, but there are limits to the quantities. One is allowed to bring only 500 grams of tobacco and not more than 200 cigarettes

  4. How to pay for Flynas flight?

    Flynas airline accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Vouchers & Flynas Credit Shell, and Flynas Vouchers. At Cleartrip, you will get a far higher number of payment options and thus more flexibility of making payments.

  5. What if my Flynas flight is canceled?

    In case of a flight cancelation due to unforeseen events, you can shift the flight date forward or cancel your booking. The credit will remain with the airline for one-year refund. The Flynas customer care will contact you in case of any cancelations in advance.

  6. How to get the cheapest fare on Flynas?

    Browse Cleartrip for promotions and special offers and search early to get the lowest fares on Flynas.

FlyNas Airlines Customer Reviews

Rated 4/5 based on 24 customer reviews
Customer reviews:
3/ 5stars
I flew on Flynas airlines and the flight got delayed by a little more than 2 hours. Despite the unavoidable delay, the passengers were given special attention by the Flynas staff and the crew was also very apologetic. However, they made up for the inconvenience by offering vouchers and providing extraordinary services. I truly felt well compensated. -
3/ 5stars
I flew Flynas from Riyadh to Jeddah and I must say that I really enjoyed the experience. I was a bit skeptical about the low-cost airline but was truly amazed by their level of professionalism. Their on-board meals are the best part of the flight! -
5/ 5stars
I just want to share my recent experience with Flynas so that people can make well informed decisions. Do not ignore the flight thinking that it is a budget airline. You are in for a great experience with the airline. I am a regular with them for many years and plan to remain so. -
5/ 5stars
I received a call last week to book a flight early morning the next day for Kuwait. I checked with all the websites available and could not find a flight that fitted my timing and budget. Finally, I was able to locate a couple of options on Cleartrip for Flynas. And, I must say that it was one of the best decisions of my life! -
4/ 5stars
Fly Flynas often and have had nothing to complain of. I find their service excellence every time. I am glad to know that the airline caters to so many new and different destinations in the Middle East and Gulf Region. -