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Gulf Air Airlines

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Popular Gulf Air International Flights

About Gulf Air Airlines

Gulf Air is the largest operating airline situated in Bahrain and is also the national airline of the country. They have a well-established track record of providing top notch air travel experiences to their passengers. Gulf Air operates mainly out of the Middle East and is one of the largest and most popular International airlines operating in this region. It is notable that Gulf Air is also the first airline that was given the permission to land at the Riyadh airport. Their range of flights covers international destinations all over the continent such as Saudi Arabia and Riyadh, along with prominent European destinations such as London and Paris. Therefore, it offers an international connectivity option for the Middle East with the rest of the World.

Gulf Air is also well known for setting the benchmark when it comes to maintaining strict safety regulations and maintaining a top of the line fleet of aircrafts. This ensures a smooth and pleasurable experience for all of its passengers.

Gulf Air Reservation/why make Gulf Air booking on Cleartrip?

Cleartrip offers the best option when it comes to booking online tickets for Gulf air. Cleartrip not only offers the best prices compared to other websites, but also adds a high level of convenience for its customers. Their high performing mobile app allows the customers to book their tickets on the go according to their convenience. A large number of different flight options are available, which further allows the customers to pick out the flights best suited to their needs. It also offers other booking options such as hotels and trains in addition to flight booking.

Gulf Air Online Check In and Boarding Pass

Being one of the most popular international airlines of the Middle East, Gulf Air caters to a large number of passengers. They offer web check in facility for all of their passengers, which allow them to check-in online according to their convenience. This service is offered for all of their domestic as well as international flights. The facility to do an online check-in can be availed from 3 to 24 hours prior to the departure time of the respective flights.

Gulf Air Services and In-Flight Meals

Gulf Air leads the competition when it comes to providing a varied range of on flight as well as off flight services to its passengers. The airline has a number of different classes for the passengers that can be selected based on their budget, hours of flight, and service requirements and expectations. The most premium class seating arrangements in Gulf Air is the Falcon Gold Class seats. The best experiences can be enjoyed if one flies in this class. The passengers availing this class are provided with a separate cabin of their own. Each of these cabins come packed with varied amenities, comfortable bed with massage capabilities. Each of these cabins also comes equipped with personal flat screen televisions and noise cancelling headphones which are sure to keep the passengers thoroughly entertained during the duration of their journey. If you are working on a business project, you can carry on your work on your computer in these privatized seating arrangements.

Gulf Air also offers its passengers the best quality food and flavors created by some of the highly rated experienced chefs hired on board. For passengers who have food allergies or are on special diets can also be provided customized meals based on their needs. However, the information about special diet requirements must be provided to the crew a few hours before the flight’s departure. For the children travelling on board, there are special caretakers often referred to as Sky nannies who have the sole job of making sure that the young ones are properly taken care of. Hence adults can experience a hassle free and comfortable travel when flying with Gulf Air with kids. Gulf Air also provides off air services in the various airports around the Middle East in the form of exclusive lounges for their premium category passengers.

Baggage policy

Gulf Air follows a well-established and strict set of rules and regulations when it comes to its policy regarding baggage. The maximum baggage allowed by the passengers to carry varies according to the class of tickets the passenger has purchased.

 The baggage policies for both domestic and international flights are same. They have been mentioned below:

  • The passengers availing economy class tickets can carry a maximum of 20 kgs of baggage.
  • Passengers of the premium tier, i.e., the Falcon Gold class, can carry up to 30 kgs of baggage.
  • Carryon baggage is allowed up to 5kg per passenger.
  • Carryon luggage should be within the dimensions of 25 X 35 X 15 cm, in order to be passed off as carryon luggage.
  • In case any infant below two years of age is being carried, an additional 10 kgs of luggage allowance is provided.

A very interesting policy is that each child has the same baggage allowance as an adult, and no discriminations are made in that aspect. In the event of the weight of the passenger's baggage exceeding the maximum permitted limit, he or she can pay an extra amount to upgrade their baggage allowance, or re-check in their baggage after the necessary repacking. A number of such baggage upgrade offers are available on the spot at the check in counter, which the customers can avail.

Travel Classes on Gulf Air

Gulf Air offers its passengers a number of different tiers to select from when it comes to picking a travel class for their flight. The standard economy class offers the most affordable travel option for passengers looking to travel on a budget, and get the best value for money service among the different airlines in these regions. The business class offers exclusive services as well as a separate business class section for the passengers to enjoy, for a moderately higher price.

The top tier among the three is the elite Falcon Gold tier. It provides a significant number of added amenities such as individual cabins with inbuilt facilities such as massage beds and flat screen TVs. The passengers who avail the Falcon Gold class tickets also get the top quality of food service from the on-board chefs. They also have access to the exclusive Falcon gold class lounges present in a number of airports.

The different tiers of seats available on the Gulf air flights have helped in bringing in large number of customers from different sections of the social strata. While the economy class has brought in the customers looking for the most affordable option, the elite tiers have attracted passengers who are looking to make their travel duration as comfortable and hassle free as possible. The business class offers the premium experience to the middle sector when it comes to passengers. Therefore, over the three travel classes, the needs and demands of all the passengers are fulfilled successfully.

Gulf Air Fleet Information

The fleet of Gulf Air comprises of a number of different types of aircrafts. These vary according to their size and carrying capacity of passengers, and are also different in the routes and distances they travel.

Following are the aircraft types found in the Gulf Air fleet:

  • Airbus 330 200 A: The Airbus 330 200 A is one of the larger aircraft types present in the fleet. It has a capacity of 247 economy class seats along with 8 Falcon Gold cabins. It can attain a top speed of 870 KMPH and has a travelling range of nearly 14000 kilometers.
  • Airbus 330 200 B: This Airbus type is very similar to the 330 200 A, with differences being in seat configuration. The seats in the Airbus B type consist of 30 flatbed seats and 184 economy class seats. It has the same top speed as the type A and has a range of 13400 kilometers.
  • Airbus 3201 ER: It consists of a top speed of 850 KMPH and has a seating capacity of 161 economy class seats and 8 Falcon gold cabins. Its range extends to 5750 kilometers.
  • Boeing 787 9: It's the largest aircraft type present in the Gulf Air fleet, and has a capacity of 282 passengers, while attaining top speed of 913 KMPH. It also has an extended range of 14700 kilometers, making it suitable for long distance journeys.
  • Airbus A320 Neo: The A320 Neo has a capacity of 16 falcon gold seats along with 120 economy class seats. It attains a top speed of 850 KMPH and has a range of 5700 kilometers.

Cleartrip’s Runway for Gulf Air

Cleartrip provides a quick and interactive portal for customers to get their booking on a Gulf Air flight done swiftly. The Cleartrip website provides a list of all the available flights of Gulf Air which are currently available, and a passenger can put in the date of travel in the website calendar to find out the most suitable flight on the date of their journey. Cleartrip provides the lowest available fares on all of the Gulf Air flights. Apart from the booking process itself, the website also allows for quick PNR status search, as well as a link for cancellation of the ticket. For all foreign visitors looking to travel to Saudi Arabia, one should also apply for a UAE visa before applying for an airway ticket. Another interesting feature of the Cleartrip website is it's deals section which comes loaded with a host of available discounts and offers which the passengers can avail while booking a flight.

The steps to booking a Gulf Air flight on Cleartrip can be summarized as follows:

  • First select the date and time of your journey, and if required, the return journey as well.
  • Select Gulf Air from the list of available aircraft operators
  • From the list of available flights on the chosen day, pick the one best suited for the passenger's needs.
  • Apply any of the currently available offers before completing the booking.

The Cleartrip app has further made the entire process easier, allowing the customers to book their tickets on the go, with even less hassle. The technology of the internet and online booking has made the concept of travelling agencies almost obsolete.

In addition to booking flights, the Cleartrip website also allows the passengers to check out the available hotels they want to reside in after reaching their destination. This allows the passengers to plan ahead before boarding the flight.

Gulf air News & Updates

  • Gulf Air signs a codeshare argument with another major airlines player Etihad
  • Gulf air lauded as the quickest growing airlines in the middle East
  • DAE from Dubai complete the supply of Dreamliner’s to Gulf Air

Gulf Air FAQ

  1. How to book tickets for Gulf Air?

    Booking tickets for a Gulf Air flight is a simple task. All one has to do is to go online and use the Cleartrip website or mobile application to browse through all the available deals. From here, they can enter the necessary search parameters regarding their flight search and then select the most appropriate option from the search results.

  2. How to pay while booking a ticket?

    There are a number of different payment options available when it comes to booking Gulf Air flights on Cleartrip. Cleartrip allows payments through net banking, credit and debit cards of all major recognized banks, e-wallets, PayPal, etc.

  3. What is the Cancellation procedure of Gulf Air flights?

    It is easy to cancel a booked ticket on Cleartrip. Any passenger can contact the Cleartrip executives, and make the necessary changes to the date of travel, destination, cancelling of the ticket etc.

  4. How do I get the tickets?

    Getting the tickets is a simple task. On completion of booking, an e-ticket is generated. This is emailed to the customers at the registered email id, from where it can be printed out.

  5. Can I choose the seat?

    One can select their own seat according to his preference after booking a ticket on Gulf Air. This can be done after the booking is confirmed.

  6. What documents are required for booking a Gulf Air flight?

    For booking a Gulf Air flight ticket on Cleartrip, one has to have a national photo ID proof, along with an international passport.

Gulf Air Customer Reviews

Rated 4/5 based on 24 customer reviews
Customer reviews:
4/ 5stars
It is my pleasure to write for the cabin crew of flight GF-153 who made mine and few of my friends’ journey from Bangkok to Bahrain one of the most memorable 7.40 hours in air time. They have been friendly above our expectations. I have been travelling to places quite often and based on my experiences, it really impressed me to say that I was completely satisfied. - by
5/ 5stars

London to Dubai via Bahrain. The first time I've flown with this airline and was really impressed. The first lag from London to Bahrain was on their new B787-9 plane which was really clean and fresh, and you can immediately see the size of the thing. Add to that, the comfort, features and cabin pressure made the flight a much more enjoyable experience, so top marks for that. The service onboard was fantastic with the crew assisting in every possible way. - by
4/ 5stars
I had a fantastic flight from Bahrain to Dubai. I was really impressed with the friendly cabin crew, nice cabin and good seats. The meal was very delicious, the welcoming drinks, dates and Arabic coffee were very good. - by
5/ 5stars

I like to give credit when it is due, it is not often that we see positives about experiences when flying especially in economy class. This was a redemption ticket with miles as I am gold with Gulf Air. Painless booking with Cleartrip. Check in was very smooth, through fast track immigration as always in seconds, and the lounge had its usual decent food and bev. I have always found Gulf Air crew to be their best asset, they are always upbeat, and have that can-do attitude. - by
5/ 5stars
I was traveling to London to Bangkok via Bahrain on Gulf Air. Everything about the flight was excellent, but in particular, the cabin service was absolutely superb. Quick and efficient check in and boarding. Great food with very comfortable and spacious seat / bed. Definitely the best airline I have ever used. - by