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About EgyptAir Airlines

EgyptAir Airline is the sovereign state airline for Egypt. The airline has its operations extended to 75 destinations across the globe. It’s headquartered at Cairo International Airport. The history of EgyptAir Airline dates back to 1930s, and it enjoys the status of being one of the pioneer airlines of the world.

In 1931, Alan Muntz, the chairman of Airwork, was in Egypt, and he intended to start air services to encourage the youth and promote the aviation sector in the region. The government then granted the necessary permissions, as a result of which Misr Airwork came into force on 7th June, 1932. It was named so, since Misr meant Egypt in Egyptian Arabic. From Misr Airline to United Arab Airline, the name of the airline was finally changed to EgyptAir on 10th October, 1971. It came after the country renamed itself to the Arab Republic of Egypt.

It is owned by the Government of Egypt and thus operates as a state-owned airline at present. The logo of this airline has been chosen with much significance. The logo of EgyptAir Airlines represents the symbol of Horus which is the sky deity in the Egyptian Culture. It is also known as the Winged God of the Sun. It is one of the few airlines which do not serve alcohol on its flights.

In July 2002, it became a government holding company of seven subsidiaries by presidential decree number 137/ 2002. Through its years of growth, EgyptAir has worked towards providing its customers with Top International Flight Schedule and comfortable journey, by being a part of the Star Alliance network. Being a part of the Star Alliance was a matter of pride for the organization, as it was the only North African and Middle East airline as a part of the prestigious network. The airline primarily operates in passenger, cargo, catering, tourism, duty-free, medical service, in-flight service, supplementary industries, maintenance, and engineering sectors.

The airline works towards being one of the best in the industry, and hence their mission statement is about creating value not only for the customers, but also for the stakeholders, employees and owners. EgyptAir works with the true Egyptian spirit and is a company which prioritizes focusing towards its internal and external customers. The objectives of the airline are profitability, staff professionalism, favorable revenue, cost relationship, enhanced professionalism and ultimate motivation of the staff. It is a company that truly works towards being the best.

EgyptAir Airlines Reservation / Why make EgyptAir Airline Booking on Cleartrip?

EgyptAir works in collaboration with many online booking platforms to provide its customers with a booking experience that is as smooth as its service. While speaking about online booking website or mobile application, Cleartrip comes to the mind at first. Known for its swift service and apt technology, Cleartrip has been used by a majority of air travelers in the recent time, and the count includes the EgyptAir Airline travelers as well.  Cleartrip is a global online travel company that runs a successful travel aggregator website and mobile app to facilitate smooth booking of air and train tickets.

EgyptAir airlines Online Check-in and Boarding pass

For EgyptAir Airline, you will have quite a number of check-in options. You can check-in at the airport or opt for mobile or web check-in. At the airport you will encounter fast-bag-drop counter for EgyptAir. This service facilitates easy check-in for your baggage. You can choose mobile check-in option by downloading their mobile app and receiving electronic boarding pass after checking-in. This facility could be active before 48 hours and 90 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight. Choose web check-in option to save your time. The facility is available before 48 hours and 90 minutes from the scheduled departure of the flight.

EgyptAir Airlines Service and In-Flight Meals

For EgyptAir Airline, safety comes first and they engage in a continual process of learning and teamwork as a Popular International Airline. This has led to the organization having some of the best services offered among the different airlines across the globe. These services have been mentioned below.

  • Purchase your extra bag online - EgyptAir offers the facility of booking your extra luggage in advance with a discount.
  • Seat Reservation – Passengers can reserve their seats free of cost before or during the check-in process.
  • Drop your baggage- Passengers traveling from Frankfurt and Munich airport could drop their baggage 23 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure. The facility for dropping baggage is available from 5:00 Pm to 9:00 AM.

Along with these, the Airline offers services like destination guide, inflight entertainment, online check-in, finding the available lounge online at selected airports, and online checking of the flight status. They have special services that includes

  • Travelling with pets
  • Special care for expectant mothers
  • Support for young travelers
  • Special meals
  • Assistance for customers with special needs
  • Baby care

The in-flight meal includes varied option which could be selected during check-in or even before. The special meal options include hot diabetic meals, Hindu meals, Kosher meals, Seafood meals, reduces fat and salt meals, meals for infants, vegetarian meals, and meals for people with food allergies.

Baggage Policy

Being a Popular Airline, EgyptAir Airlines has separate domestic and international baggage allowance. The domestic baggage allowance is mentioned below.

  • First and Business class – 1 piece of baggage weighing 32 kgs/70 lbs. and a maximum dimension of 158 cm/62 inches. 2 pieces of hand baggage weighing 8 kg each.
  • Economy class- 1 piece of check-in baggage weighing 23 kgs/50 lbs. and dimension of 158 cm/62 inches. 1 piece of hand baggage of 8 kg weight.

The EgyptAir card members get further benefit in the form of one free check-in luggage in addition to the allocated one or discount for extra baggage.

The baggage policy for International flights include

  • First and Business class- It depends on the fare rule and each baggage weight shouldn’t be more than 32 kgs/ 70 lbs. with dimension 158 cm/62 inches. 2 pieces of hang luggage is allowed with maximum weight of 8 kg.
  • Economy class- Number of check-in luggage depends on fare rule with each luggage weighing no more than 23 kgs/ 50 lbs. and dimension of 158 cms/62 inches. Only one piece of hand luggage is allowed with maximum weight of 8 kgs.

For the privileged EgyptAir members and card members, promotional offers like one free extra check-in luggage or 50% for extra luggage are offered.

Some items that fall in the list of restricted items are prohibited from being carried during the flight. These items include Samsung Galaxy Note7, compressed gases, explosives, ammunitions, fireworks, flares, ethologic agents, flammable liquids and solids, corrosives, irritants, knives, daggers, swords, oxidizing materials, radioactive materials, and others.

Travel classes on EgyptAir Airlines

The airline offers its travelers the best in-flight service. As per the reviews by the travelers, the facility of every class of the flight is excellent. The travel classes of EgyptAir Airlines include business class, full economy class and discount economy class. Every seat has an inflight entertainment system and the seats are extremely spacious and comfortable. The configuration of the business class includes 2-3-2 seat pattern, and there is a total of 43 flat angle seats. Since the seats of the business class are flat angle, you may recline them to a comfortable level. It aligns with the norms of the international flight standards. All the seats of the EgyptAir Airlines don’t give access to the aisle. The seats have 60 inches of pitch and 76 inches of length and can be fully reclined. The width of the seat is 20 inches. The economy class comprises of 3-3-3 seat arrangement and the legroom is less in comparison to the business class. However, they are decent enough as compared to economy class seats in its contemporary airlines. As far as in-flight entertainment is concerned, the options are updated regularly to offer its passengers a massive selection of music, audio, video, documentaries, movies and general entertainment facilities. The travelers also get wi-fi access on-board. The flight crew members also notify you when you can use your laptop, tablet or gaming device during the flight.

EgyptAir Airline Fleet Information

Being one of the renowned international airlines and a star alliance partner, EgyptAir Airline’s fleet consists of the below mentioned aircrafts.

  • Airbus A320-200 – 3 Airbus A320-200 forms a part of the fleet. Total- 319 seats that includes 12 first class, 21 business class, and 286 economy class seats
  • Airbus 320-232 specs - total of 145 seats, which include 16 business class and 129 economy class seats. 3-3 (6 abreast) and 2-2 (4 abreast)
  • Airbus A321-231 Specs- total of 161 seats that include 22 business class and 139 economy class seats
  • Airbus A330-243 Specs – total of 268 seats that include 24 business class and 244 economy class seats
  • Airbus A330-300 Specs – total of 301 seats that include 36 business class and 265 economy class seats
  • Airbus A340-212 Specs- total of 260 seats that include 12 first class, 24 business class and 224 economy class seats
  • Airbus B737-500 specs – total of 104 seats with 8 business class and 96 economy class seats
  • Airbus B737-800 Specs- total of 144 seats that include 24 business class and 120 economy class seats
  • Airbus B777-200 Specs – total of 319 seats that include 12 first class, 21 business class and 286 economy class seats
  • Airbus B777-300 Spec- total of 346 seats that include 49 business class and 297 economy class seats

Cleartrip’s Runway for EgyptAir Airline

Booking EgyptAir Airlines tickets is like a cakewalk with Cleartrip’s website or mobile app. Whether you are looking for Top Domestic Flight Schedules or international ones, Cleartrip is an online booking website that facilitates its users with the easy booking procedure for airlines and train tickets along with many other facilities. EgyptAir Airlines has collaborated with this online travel aggregator website to facilitate its travelers with an easy procedure when it comes to booking with their favorite airline. On Cleartrip, you will find the tickets for your desired destination at the best price. The details required for getting the best deal includes fetching in your travel date, airline name and destination. The search result gives you the best option after comparing with operating airlines. So, your travel with EgyptAir Airlines becomes easy through cleartrip’s website and mobile app.

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  • Express way- It is the feature that helps the user to save his/her travels profile and payment details securely to facilitate one-click booking.
  • In-app amendments- This helps amending and modifying flight-booking through the web.
  • Price-lock- This is a feature of Cleartrip that helps the users to lock the price of their air ticket.
  • Activities- This feature of the online travel booking website helps the user to know about the local activities and attractions of the place, helping you to decide your travel calendar.
  • Insta search- This feature helps in reducing the time required for searching and booking your tickets.

These technologically laden features of Cleartrip help you plan your vacation in a better manner, making it all the more memorable and enjoyable.

EgyptAir Airlines News Update

  • Egypt Air to launch Cairo-Kigali- Entebbe-Cairo service as per CAPA.
  • Egypt Air flight 759 to Denmark returned back due to the illness of one of its crew members
  • Egypt Air Boeing 737 international flight landed at the Asaba airport as per Eagle online
  • The ACC3 validation for Egypt Air from European Union has been renewed for 5 years
  • Egypt Air to start its flight service from Cairo to Washington’s Dulles International Airport in June.

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  1. Can I check ticket availability and fare without buying the ticket?

    Yes, you can check the availability and fare details without buying the tickets. Your details and payment details are required only when you decide to purchase the tickets.

  2. Can someone else book the tickets on my behalf?

    Yes, your tickets can be booked by someone else provided they have your accurate details and your credit/debit card details to make the payment.

  3. What happens when I want to change my online booking?

    When you decide to change your online booking, you will have to check for the fare for the date. Change could be allowed without any upgrade, and in some cases, you might have to pay more.

  4. How do I confirm my booking?

    You will receive a 6-digit confirmation number once your booking is complete.

  5. Can I cancel my tickets?

    Yes, you can cancel your ticket as per the rules and regulations.

  6. Can I use my credit card for payment?

    Yes, credit card is accepted as a payment option for booking tickets online.

Egyptair Express Customer Reviews

Rated 4/5 based on 24 customer reviews
Customer reviews:
3/ 5stars
As such no issues. The fight departed and arrived on time and we were extremely happy with the behavior of the crew members. Legroom was a bit problematic. -
3/ 5stars
Flight was comfortable and crew was professional. Food on board was good too -
2/ 5stars
Flight was delayed for 2 hours due to technical issue and rearranging another flight took another 2 hours of our time. Otherwise the entire flight experience was pleasant and the crew was extremely professional. -
3/ 5stars
Quite comfortable short flight with helpful crew and good food. -
3/ 5stars
Had a good experience flying with EgyptAir as it was a value for money experience. -