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Middle East Airlines is the national airline of Lebanon, based in the city of Beirut at Rafic Hariri International Airport. It is responsible for connecting Lebanon and other Middle East countries to the rest of the continents.

On-Board Middle East Airlines

Middle East Airlines’ aircraft fly to international destinations across the globe, touching every continent. It is a member of the Sky Team Alliance and is known for its luxurious services stemming from Lebanese culture and hospitality.

Connectivity and Fleet information

An extensive network of Middle East Airlines routes emerge from the main hub at Beirut. Direct flights are available for all major Middle East cities like Amman, Baghdad, Cairo, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Dammam, Medina, Jeddah, Dubai, Kuwait, etc. European destinations like Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Paris, Brussels etc can also be reached by direct flights from Beirut. Code-sharing flights to Africa, North America and Australia are available.

The Middle East Airlines fleet consists of the most modern aircraft in the world, designed with a sophisticated and spacious cabin. The Airbus aircraft types comprise A330-200s, A321-200s and A320-200s.

Services and Baggage Allowance

In-flight services include showcasing of latest movies for entertainment. FM radio is also available to listen to music from a wide set of genres.

Different meals are served depending on the time of departure. Special meals with specific requirements, like diabetic-friendly meals, reduced fat meals, reduced salt meals, low-cholesterol meals and infant meals, are also made available on demand.

Lounges at the airports provide facilities for the passengers to relax before boarding the flight. They are well-equipped with Internet facility, fax machines and telephones. They also have an entertainment and amusement section with Playstations for kids along with duty-free shops.

The Middle East Airlines baggage allowance policy varies from 30 to 40 kgs for Economy Class and 60 to 70 kgs for Business Class, depending on the destination. In terms of pieces, 1 piece of 23 kgs is allowed for Economy Class and 3 pieces of 23 kgs each for Business Class.

In carry-on baggage, one piece, not exceeding 10 kgs with dimensions of 56cm x 40cm x 25 cm, is allowed.

Luggage policies differ for frequent flyers. To view complete details on baggage policies, please click here

Cleartrip: Runway for Booking Middle East Airline Flights

Cleartrip allows you to make your Middle East Airline bookings with ease. The website is very interactive and easy to use and understand. For checking your Middle East Airline Flight status, you will be asked to enter your flight details or route details for the same.

Cleartrip also has websites present in Oman, Qatar, Kuwiat, Bahrain. If you are interested in more information, then check out: Middle East Airlines Oman;  Middle East Airlines Qatar;  Middle East Airlines Kuwait;  Middle East Airlines Bahrain.

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