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Cancellation Page- Refunds / Delays Cancellation / Fees and charges

Flynas Airlines, formerly known as Nas Air is one of the prominent names in the aviation sector. Even though Flynas is among the low-cost airline companies in Saudi Arabia, but it leaves no stone unturned when it comes to offering the best experience to its passengers. In this regard, this airline company has maintained a very transparent and easy to understand policies. In case you are looking for answers to some important questions related to FlyNas’ cancellation policy, fees and charges, and refunds, take a look below.


1.Where are the Flynas fares and departure details given?

Check the Cleartrip website and select your travel route and dates. Next, enter passenger details like number of adults, children and infants. Next, click “Search Flights”. Fare Options and departure/arrival times will be displayed. You can also visit

2.Is there any way to do cheap Flynas flight booking?

Flynas has a limited number of cheapest fares on every flight. So, to book cheap Flynas air tickets, you must book in advance with When you do Flynas flight booking with us you can enjoy discounted rates. We also provide Flynas promotions and special offers.

3.Can I cancel the Flynas flight tickets and get refund?

Yes, you can cancel your Flynas air ticket booked on Cleartrip. However, every flight booking you do on Cleartrip is subject to cancellation charges levied by the airline. These charges would vary as per flight and booking class. Also, please note that some flight bookings are non-refundable per the specific airline's policy.

4.What is the Flynas flight ticket cancellation procedure on Cleartrip?

Please visit hear for complete details.

5.Will any fee be charged for cancelling Flynas air tickets?

Yes, you will be charged a cancellation fee and any remaining balance will be held in your Credit Shell that you can use whenever you book a flight in future. This is valid for one year.

6.What is Credit Shell?

The balance you have after deducting any fees for cancelling a flight is called Credit Shell. This is valid for 1 year and you can use it full or part for new booking, change fees, named guest on original booking or anyone in family.

7.How much is the cancellation fee?

If the cancellation has been made more than 48 hours prior the scheduled departure time of the flight, 25% of ticket’s base fare will be deducted. Rest of the amount will be credited to your account. This is for the Economy Class tickets. For Flex Tickets, Business Class, Economy ( Codeshare) and Business (Codeshare) the rules are different.

8.How much fee is charged for making any changes in booking?

In case the change is made more than 48 hours of the scheduled departure time, the fee you have to pay is SAR 150; plus, the difference in fare, if any. In case of changes made within 48 hours of scheduled departure, the fee associated is SAR 180; plus, the difference in fare, if any. Apart from the airline's charges, Cleartrip charges a Non-Refundable amendment fee of INR 500 per passenger per ticket for International bookings.

9.What is the policy for itinerary change?

Changes cannot be made 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

10.Will the airline inform me in case my Flynas flight is delayed?

Yes, Flynas will inform you in advance if the flight is delayed, and it will be done via SMS service.

11.What refund policy is followed by Flynas for cancelled flights?

In case the flight gets cancelled 7 days before the original date of journey, the airline will provide complete refund of the ticket. If the flight gets cancelled within less than 7 days, the airline may provide an alternative flight to its passenger; or, passenger can ask for a complete refund. In case the passenger wants to go with the option of alternative flight, the airline will offer all necessary care to the passenger.

12.What benefits are provided by Flynas to its passengers in case the flight gets delayed?

In case of flight delays, if the delay period is more than 3 hours, the airline will provide hot meals to its passengers. However, complete refund will not be provided in case the passenger wants to cancel his/her ticket. If the delay period is more than 6 hours, the airline shall arrange an accommodation for the passenger.