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Flydubai Airlines

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Popular Flydubai International Flights

About Flydubai Airlines

Flydubai Airlines is a government-owned low-cost airline with its hub at Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport. Although Flydubai is not part of the Emirates Group, it is supported by Emirates. As the Government of Dubai owns Emirates Airlines, the only link between the two airlines is collective ownership.

The first scheduled flights began in 2009 with services to Beirut in Lebanon and Amman in Jordan. Since then, Flydubai route network and fleet have been significantly expanded. Today, the airline caters to 95 destinations and covers Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe from Dubai. In 2015, Flydubai Airlines began to run flights out of Al-Maktoum International, and today there are more than 70 flights that connect to Beirut, Chittagong, Doha, Amman, Kathmandu, Kuwait, and Muscat.

Flydubai is a low-cost Emirati airline that is known for offering lower-cost air tickets but high-quality services. The airline has received several awards like Best Low-cost Carrier Award in the Middle East.

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Flydubai Airlines Online Check-In and Boarding Pass

Flydubai remains committed to making air travel more affordable and convenient for its passengers. The airline offers online web check-in facility and a self-service kiosk, or you can avail their friendly services at the check-in desks. As you can check-in directly from the comfort of your home, you enjoy a speedy check-in process and can print your boarding pass on your own as the e-Boarding pass will be delivered to your email address.

FlyDubai Airlines Services and In-Flight Meals

With growing competition, an increasing number of airlines are coming up with affordable options and Flydubai is one of them. It is known for offering quality services to its passengers and at rock bottom rates. Customers can take advantage of the Frequent Flyer Program and enjoy several rewards.

 The in-light meal services vary with the flights and routes. For example, full meal service is offered on flights to Bratislava, Prague, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Zagreb Sofia, Bucharest, Bangkok, and Krakow. The full meal services are also available on eastern African flights to Zanzibar, Kigali, Bujumbura, Dar-es-Salaam, Entebbe, and Juba. Passengers can pre-book a hot meal on other flights within the network. If they are on shorter flights, they get the option to buy from a full menu of wraps and sandwiches. You can look forward to an affordable and relaxing journey with Flydubai.

Baggage Policy

Before you fly with Flydubai, it is essential to learn about the baggage policies i.e. how much baggage you are allowed to carry. Flydubai allows its passengers to buy additional baggage allowance.

Economy Class Baggage Policy

One item of hand baggage is allowed provided it does not weigh more than 7kg.

  • It needs to be within the dimensions of 55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm.
  • Additionally, one laptop bag or one small handbag allowed.
  • 3 prepaid check-in baggage items with a total weight of 32kg is allowed and they should be smaller than 75 cm x 55 cm x 35 cm.
  • You can check-in the 3 pieces of baggage if the combined weight is within the baggage allowance.

Business Class Baggage Policy

  • Two items of hand baggage can be carried provided their combined weight is not more than 14kg.
  • The hand baggage should be within the size 55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm.
  • Additionally, one laptop bag or one small handbag is allowed.
  • Three pieces of check-in baggage with a total weight of 40kg is allowed. The size should be within 75 cm x 55 cm x 35 cm.
  • You can check-in up to 3 pieces of baggage if the combined weight is within the baggage allowance.
For those traveling with infants, they are allowed to carry 5kg hand baggage, and 10kg checked baggage that must be smaller than 55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm.

When it comes to baggage, FlyDubai follows a generous but stringent policy. Hence, be sure to read the current updates for any changes in their baggage allowances that can vary with the class and destination you are flying to.

Travel Classes on Flydubai Airlines

Flydubai offers two travel classes - Economy and Business and passengers can enjoy world-class services in both the classes. In-flight shopping and entertainment programs are available in both the travel classes. Economy Class seats have enough leg space for stretching feet, and the passengers can pre-book their choice of meals. Business class was introduced in 2012, and today the majority of Flydubai's flights offer Business class service. The seats in the Business class are wider and more spacious than Economy class and made of Italian leather. The Business class passengers enjoy special services like a much broader choice of entertainment in movies that can be seen on high-resolution screens of 12.1 inches. Other facilities include free snacks, meals and drinks and noise-canceling headphones. At certain airports, the Business class passengers enjoy priority check-in and fast security checks. Flydubai also has a business lounge at Dubai International Airport that offers free Wi-Fi, refreshments, and snacks.

Flydubai Airlines Fleet Information

In the initial phases, Flydubai had signed a contract with the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing for fifty Boeing 737-800s. Boeing delivered the first of these aircraft in 2009. Today, the airline boasts of the latest Boeing 737 planes that are environmentally-friendly. The aircraft makes less noise and are known for fuel efficiency and lower emissions. A brand-new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft has just been added to Flydubai Airlines fleet. Flydubai planes incorporate the latest quiet-engine technology and have been designed with efficiency in mind. Currently, Flydubai has a fleet size of 60 aircraft which include 50 Boeing 737-800, 8 Boeing 737 MAX 8, and 2 Boeing 737 MAX 9.

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Flydubai Airlines News & Updates

Flydubai is the first UAE-based carrier providing direct flights to Uzbekistan with Tashkent inaugural.

Flydubai starts five weekly flights to Hofuf from March 2019.

Flydubai records revenue growth of AED 157 million (USD 43 million) minimizing annual loss

Flydubai Dubai-based carrier to operate flights to Kozhikode.

Flydubai FAQ

  1. What terminals do Flydubai airline operate at Dubai?

    Flydubai runs its flights from Terminal 2 and some select flights from Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC). Your booking mentions the airport name and terminal number clearly.

  2. Are there any child discounts with Flydubai?

    Child discounts are offered only if the child is sharing a parent's seat. You should book a seat for your child if he or she is more than 2 years old and less than 11 years. The fare would be the same, but the taxes are lower.

  3. Can I carry Zamzam water on my flight from Saudi Arabia?

    You are allowed to carry up to five liters of Islamic Holy Water Zamzam if you're travelling from Jeddah, Madinah, or Taif. You can carry the Zamzam water as checked baggage at no extra cost. However, if you are travelling from other Saudi Arabian cities, it would not be checked for free with your baggage allowance.

  4. What if I have more than 3 pieces of checked baggage?

    You are allowed a pre-purchase of 20kg, 30kg or 40kg checked baggage allowance, and the collective weight of all pieces must be within the allowance for checked baggage. If you've pre-purchased a 20 kg, a 30 kg or a 40 kg checked baggage allowance, you will be allowed to carry more than 3 pieces of checked baggage provided there is space for them and will be charged.

  5. What is the maximum time allowance if I want to cancel my Flydubai flight on Cleartrip?

    With Cleartrip, you are allowed to cancel your flight not later than 3 hours before the time of departure. You must contact the airline first for cancelation and only then contact Cleartrip for cancelation.

  6. What is the maximum number of seats one can book on Cleartrip?

    One is allowed to book 9 seats at a time. 

Flydubai Customer Reviews

Rated 4.5/5 based on 24 customer reviews
Customer reviews:
3/ 5stars
It was an excellent experience for me to fly with Flydubai and I got a great deal on Cleartrip. Overall the flight was decent, and I flew business as the fare was much lower when compared to other flights. I would definitely browse Cleartrip for my next best deal. - by
3/ 5stars

I took the Flydubai flight from Dubai to Beirut, and I must say I enjoyed far better services on the low-cost air carrier as compared to other airlines. Their onboard services were simple and comfortable. Thanks to their generous baggage allowance I was able to check-in three bags! - by
5/ 5stars
We booked the Flydubai flights well in advance and were truly surprised by the lower fares. What made the whole process hassle-free and simple was the straightforward booking system with Cleartrip. We sincerely appreciate the services provided by Flydubai, and they sure had some great meal options. The cabin crew was very polite and helpful, and they even offered free Wi-Fi onboard! - by
5/ 5stars
I just wanted to take a moment and thank Flydubai for their excellent service to my family. This was the first time my wife and baby were flying to Kathmandu alone, and I was a bit anxious. However, my wife is all praises for the extra care and help she got from the cabin crew. - by
4/ 5stars
I recently purchased airline tickets with Cleartrip and found great prices and Flydubai flight. I have flown to Kuwait several times before, but this was the first time I got a very low price, and the airline services are truly impressive. Food was average. - by