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About Nile Airlines

Nile Airlines is an Egyptian airline primarily based at Cairo International airport. It is a popular international airline conducting regular flight services to several destinations in Egypt, Middle East, Gulf, Southern Europe, Asia and the African continent. Some countries that the airline caters to include Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Sudan, Turkey, UAE and others. Nile Air is one of the largest private airlines operating in Egypt. It is an airline that offers business and economy class services to its passengers. The airline comprises of a fleet of airliner A320-200s A321-200s, offering safe and comfortable journey to all. In addition to its operation from its hub at Cairo International airport, the airline operates a smaller base from Alexandria's Borg El Arab airport too.

Nile Airlines began its journey with a clear vision of being the best in the industry. Guest comfort is of prime value to the organization, offering full-service products and services to its customers. It is one of the best airlines in Egypt offering highest on-time performance at the rate of over 90%. Nile Airlines works with a definite vision and mission to be the best in the industry.

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Nile Airlines Online Check in and Boarding Pass

Like most of the airlines, Nile Airlines offers its travelers the option of online check-in and web check-in 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. The facility is available for both business and economy class passengers. The passengers can print their boarding pass after online check-in. This helps to save time on arrival at the airport.

Nile Airlines Services and In-Flight Meals

The onboard services for Nile Airline include the business class service and the economy class service. Being one of most Popular International Airlines, it provides the best in class service.

The economy class services include comfortable seats and attention to details. Along with this, the economy class passengers can choose from a variety of hot meal choices offered in the flight.

The business lounges of Nile Air have a variety of facilities available for the travelers. These facilities include:

  • Clean Toilets
  • Availability of Printer and fax
  • Complementary snacks and beverages (hot and cold)
  • Assessable for passengers with disability
  • Complementary food selection
  • Availability of Desktop
  • TV
  • Workstation area
  • Newspaper and magazines
  • Children area
  • Free internet

Apart from these, business class passengers get the following services:

  • Competitive fares and conditions.
  • Dedicated business class check-in counters.
  • Premium lounge access for business class passengers.
  • Generous baggage allowance.
  • Comfortable seats
  • Selection from fresh and delicious hot meals.

Nile Air has a dedicated staff to prepare and serve your meals. All the dishes are made up of fresh ingredients while following high standards of hygiene.

Baggage Policy

The baggage policy for Nile Air is different for the business and economy class. They offer a generous allowance for both the checked and unchecked luggage. Whether you are traveling to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan, UAE or Iraq, you will be allowed to carry 40 kgs of baggage in business class and 30 kgs of baggage in economy class. You are also allowed to carry a handbag in the plane not exceeding 7 kgs of weight. Baggage allowance for infant passengers is limited to 10 kgs. If you want to carry extra baggage than the weight allowed, you will have to pay extra charges per kg as applicable to the country you are traveling to. In addition to the weight, there are limits to the size of the baggage too. Checked-in baggage should not be more than 55x38x20 cms of dimensions, while hand baggage should not be more than 56x36x23 cms. You will have to pay extra for baggage that exceeds this recommended dimension.

If you are traveling with an infant, you may carry a cot or stroller in the cabin or in the checked-in baggage without any extra charges. Apart from this, you may also carry infant’s food, wheelchair, crutches, walking stick, prosthetic device and other such necessary items for free.

Travel Classes on Nile Airlines

Nile Airlines primarily has two cabin classes, Business Class and Economy Class. Nile Air tends to invariably do the best to make the travelers feel special with ultimate comfort and convenience during travel. The dedicated Business category service lets you travel in a fashionable and luxurious manner that sets them apart from contemporaries. Book Business category and get pleasure from enticing air fares and customized exclusive services.

They have dedicated business category arrival counters. Priority baggage assortment ensures that you are quickly on your means after you arrive at the airport. This saves time for the business class travelers, as they don’t have to stand in the queue and baggage drop-in counters. At the Cairo base location for Nile Airline, they have a business lounge for the travelers to relax before they get in the flight. The airline offers a very generous baggage allowance for their business class travelers, and the extra baggage is sometimes allowed for free or at minimal charges under promotional offers.

When on-board, dedicated cabin crew members will attend you to guarantee a snug and pleasant flight. The 8-seat configuration of the airline business class makes sure you are given an exclusive and personal feel.

The business category guests are offered with a real business product, with comfy leather seats that make sure you reach your destination invigorated and relaxed. The seat pitch of forty-two inches is more generous than most other airlines, as Nile tends to specialize in comfort and relaxation. Passengers can choose their seat from the window and aisle seat when booking.

The economy class is equally good and exceeds the expectations and service for the travelers through warm hospitality and personal attention for each traveler.

Nile Airlines Fleet Information

Nile Airlines operates a fleet of 5 Airbus A320-200 and two Airbus A321-200. These high-end airliner crafts are designed to provide most comfortable on-board experience to the travelers. They include state of the art style and technology to provide optimum comfort, security, and convenience throughout the journey. The aircrafts have two-class cabin classes that include business and economy classes. They stress on regular upgrades to the aircraft interiors, thereby providing a superior flight experience to the travelers . TheA320-200 aircrafts have a seating capacity of 164 passengers and can bear a maximum takeoff weight of 73.500/77.000 kg. It includes 8 business class seats and 156 economy class seats. The A321-200 aircrafts have a seating capacity of 204 passengers, including 8 business class and 196 economy class seats. It can bear a maximum takeoff weight of 83.000/93.5000 kg.

Apart from the current fleet of seven, Nile Air has plans to increase its fleet size soon. At present, they have ordered two Airbus A321neo aircrafts that are expected to become operational from 2020. On an average, the approximate age of the airline’s fleet is 8.9 years.

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Nile Airlines News & Updates

  • Egypt Air gets into strategic partnership with Nile Air, as per ch-aviation
  • WheelTug plc and Nile Air has agreed to reserve 12 WheelTug systems for Nile Air fleet of Airbus aircraft.
  • Pegasus Airlines signs codeshare agreement with Nile Air, facilitating Pegasus guests to buy Nile Air tickets from Pegasus channel.
  • Nile Air achieves a growth rate of 32% and flight regularity of 92% as per Egypt Independent.


  1. Which are the airports in Egypt from where I can board Nile Air flights?

    In Egypt, Nile Air operates from Cairo International Airport, Alexandria Borg El Arab International Airport, Sharm el-Sheik International Airport, Luxor International Airport, Aswan International Airport and Hurghada International Airport.

  2. What currency do I use to pay for the Nile Air tickets?

    The price of the Nile Air tickets will be displayed in the currency of the country from where you are browsing the internet. So, you can pay for the ticket by using your local currency.

  3. Do I get the option of Online check-in for Nile Air flights?

    Yes, online check-in facility is available for Nile Air Flights.

  4. What is the payment methods accepted for reserving the ticket online?

    If you are booking the air ticket through the Cleartrip website, you can complete the transaction by using a credit card, debit card, internet banking, e-wallet or Pay Pal account.

  5. Where can I find promotional offers for Nile Air flights?

    The promotional offers for Nile Air flights could be found at Cleartrip. You can check the promotion and discount section to know about the ongoing offers.

  6. Can I cancel and reschedule my air ticket?

    Yes, you can cancel your ticket and reschedule them too. You can do this online or call the call center of the airline or Cleartrip. There may apply cancelation charges as per the process.

Nile Air Customer Reviews

Rated 4.5/5 based on 24 customer reviews
Customer reviews:
4/ 5stars
Nile Air is a nice airline to use throughout your Egypt trip. The airline is reliable and clean, the employees are friendly, and most vital, it's safe. One piece of recommendation is to arrive early at the airport because the security checkpoints at Cairo airport are quite busy at peak hours. -
4/ 5stars
The flight was on time. Cabin was clean and had spacious leg area. Meal box was served even on a short flight of 45minutes. The food was tasty and service was good. -
4/ 5stars
The leg area was a bit tight, however otherwise the plane is OK and flew on time. They served two sandwiches and juice that was nice. I might opt for it once more for domestic flying because it is cheaper. -
4/ 5stars
We had a connecting flight from Cairo. We quickly booked our baggage because the airline crew members were extremely helpful and cooperative. The seats were spacious and the entire cabin was clean and comfortable. -
5/ 5stars
Availed for domestic travel in Egypt from Cairo to Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport and return. The flight schedules were well maintained, and the service was excellent. -