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About Nesma Airlines

Nesma Airline is a well-known Saudi Arabian airline that operates both domestic and international flights since June 2010. It is one of the popular airlines in Saudi Arabia due to its professional services, timely flights and comfort. 18th July 2010 was the day when Nesma Airline began its commercial flight operation. Its first commercial flight was between Hurghada and Ljubljana, covering 3,838.2 kilometers. The domestic flight service was started on 27th October 2016. The airline has ventured into the charter flight section. These flights operate from Egypt to the most popular European destinations and the middle-east region. Some of the prime destinations include Saudi Arabia, France, Poland, United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain.

Nesmas international flights offer economy and business class travel and operate as a full-service airline. Nesma Air added another feather in its cap on the 24th of June 2011 by beginning operations of charter flights from Saudi Arabia to Taif, Hail, and Tabuk. The airline has witnessed an affirmative growth and on the 21st of November 2016, it marked its new operational route from Jeddah to Riyadh, Dammam, and Hail. Depending on the route, the airline offers free or paid food onboard.

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Nesma Airlines Online Check In and Boarding Pass

Nesma Airline offers online web check-in facility for domestic and international flights with confirmed electronic tickets and travel documents. For international flights, the online check-in facility could be availed between 24 hours to 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. In case of domestic travelers, the online check-in option is available from 24 hours and 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.

Nesma Airlines Services and In-Flight Meals

In-flight meals are offered by Nesma Airline for its domestic and international flights. Nesma Air is considered as one of the best Saudi Arabian airlines when it comes to the meals provided to its business and economy travelers. The menu and meal choices vary depending on the travel time and your travel destination. For its domestic travelers, the airline offers hot beverages, cold beverages, and a small snack. This is inclusive in the price of the air ticket. For the international travelers, they are offered with choices when it comes to the in-flight meals along with free hot and cold beverages. Some of the flights offer additional meals at an extra price. The travelers have the option to pre-book their meals as per their preference. The airline is committed towards the special dietary requirement of its travelers by providing an option to let the airline staff know about it while pre-booking your meals. Travelers are provided with one or two meals depending on the travel time along with snacks and beverages throughout the travel duration.

Baggage Policy

When it comes to baggage, Nesma Airlines follows a stringent policy. The baggage policy for domestic and international travel varies according to the travel destination. The baggage policy for the airline implies as per the local occupational safety rules. The passengers are asked to re-pack their check-in baggage if it exceeds the weight limit of the airlines baggage policies.

The baggage policies for domestic flights have been mentioned below:

  • Check-in baggage weight should be maximum 20 kg.
  • One carry-on baggage allowed.
  • Maximum weight of carry-on baggage is 5 kg.
  • Measurement limit for carry-on items is 45*35*15 cm and weigh no more than 7 kgs.
  • One single luggage that could be carried for free along with one piece of hand luggage is 1 overcoat or blanket, small handbag, wrist bag, shoulder-strap bag, umbrella.
  • Some more items include a small camera or binocular, babys carry cot, baby stroller, reading material, infants food, 1 wheelchair or clutches.

The baggage policies for international flights are as follows:

  • Check-in baggage of 30 kg for economy class.
  • Carry-on luggage of 5 kg for economy class.
  • Check-in baggage of 40 kg for business class.
  • Carry-on luggage of 5 kgs for business class.
  • Measurement limit for carry-on items is 45*35*15 cm and weigh no more than 7 kgs.
  • One item along with carry-on luggage could be taken.
  • The additional items allowed include 1 overcoat or blanket, small handbag, wrist bag, shoulder-strap bag, umbrella, small camera or binocular, infants carrying basket, baby stroller, reading material, infants food, 1 wheelchair or clutches.

Nesma Airline offers a special promotion for their baggage policies. These promotional offers include enhancement in the weight of check-in baggage or carry-on baggage that a passenger can carry with them. Such offers are mentioned while booking the air reservation and on the air tickets.

Travel Classes on Nesma Airlines

Nesma Airline offers its travelers with two types of cabin classes in comparison to other airlines that offer four kinds of cabin classes. The first is the economy class and the second one is the business class. Nesma Air has been in the steady path of growth and hopefully within the coming years, we can expect the premium economy and first class as part of the airlines cabin class. Renowned airlines like Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Jet Airways has all the four cabin classes as part of their aircraft. There are quite a few variations among the cabin classes and the same is true for Nesma Air. The economy is the basic class of the airline and is often called as coach, standard or main cabin. The seats of the economy class have 16 to 19 inches in seat pitch. The legroom is 30 inches to 34 inches.

Nesma Airlines also have business class for their traveler, which is also known as the happy medium class between the coach class and first class. Business class is where luxury becomes a priority. Nesma Airlines business class has played a key role in attracting first-class travelers to Nesma. Privileged customers, luxuries and excellent services are the sole mantra of business class. Business class travelers have wider seats that recline for added comfort. Other luxuries include full meal service, an amenity kit, personal minibar, in-flight entertainment, a bar area, and a multi-course meal.

Nesma Airlines Fleet Information

Nesma Airlines Egypt fleet comprises of 3 aircraft. It has two Airbus A319 and two Airbus A320. The airlines originated from Egypt and it started its operation in July 2010 with its primary hub at Cairo International. The average age of the fleet is around 16.6 years. Airbus A319 has a minimum age of 15.4 years and the 2 Airbus A320 has an average age of 17.2 years. Airbus A319 was delivered in June 2016 and has an aircraft name of Arwa. Airbus Y180 has a configuration of Y180, delivered in June 20 10 with an aircraft name of Bertha. The third aircraft, Airbus A320-200 comprises of Y180 configuration, delivered on June 2010 and named Fatima. The Saudi Arabia fleet comprises of 6 aircraft. It has two Airbus A320-200 and four ATR- 72-600. Airbus A320-200 has the capacity of carrying 180 passengers while ATR 72-600 can carry 70 passengers each.

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Travel in luxury and comfort to Saudi Arabia, Europe, Middle East, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Poland and Spain with Nesma. Flights bookings can be done in a few clicks via Cleartrip. This online booking website and App is not restricted to booking your air tickets. Cleartrip will help you find the unique experience of the city, amazing activities that the place offers, best places to dine and events that will happen at the city during your visit. Some of the features that you can avail with Cleartrip while booking a flight with Nesma have been mentioned below:

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Nesma Airlines News & Updates

  • Airbus A330 operator includes a new name as Egypts Nesma Airlines.
  • Nesma Airlines has decided to include Airbus A330 into their fleet.
  • Nesmas Mid-size jet operation effected by Saudi price war- The ongoing price war prevailing at Saudi Arabia has forced Nesma Air mid-size jet operation.
  • Cleartrip efficiently handling the digital wave in the financial sector. Cleartrip is responding well to the digital wave that has affected the financial function and the capabilities by forming a team to combat the new technological advancements affecting the travel industry.
  • Plans for an IPO in the next 2-3 years for Cleartrip - Prior to going public, Cleartrip has plans to become EBITDA positive along with strategical planning for enhancing the scope for profits.
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  1. How do I book my tickets for Nesma Airlines?

    You can easily book the tickets for Nesma Airlines through It’s a simple search process wherein you choose your travel destination and date. Cleartrip travel portal will provide you with the available flight option for your specified route. You will have to choose one as per your convenience and complete the process by making payment.

  2. Can I pay for the transaction with my debit card?

    Cleartrip offers you many payment options. You can process an online payment for your travel tickets with a debit card, credit card, popular wallets, and net banking.

  3. Can I cancel my tickets or reschedule my travel?

    Cleartrip and Nesma offer you with the option of canceling your air tickets owing to unavoidable reason on your end. You can also reschedule your travel tickets by emailing Cleartrip or speaking to one of our customer care executives.

  4. How do I get my tickets?

    Getting your e-tickets is a very simple process. You can print your tickets after booking your travel through Cleartrip. The tickets will be emailed to you after confirmed booking or you can view it in your Cleartrip account.

  5. Can I choose a seat of my choice?

    Nesma offers its passengers to choose a seat as per their choice and availability. This could be done after your booking is confirmed and you have received a confirmation email.

  6. What are the documents required for booking a ticket online?

    To book your ticket online, you will have to provide a valid passport copy for international travel and a valid national photo identity proof.

Northeast Airlines Customer Reviews

Rated 4/5 based on 24 customer reviews
Customer reviews:
3/ 5stars
It was my first travel with the Nesma, and I was quite impressed by their service. The crew was very kind and supportive and took care of every passenger with special attention. Though it was my first domestic travel with the airline, I will fly with them again both domestic and international. -
3/ 5stars
I traveled with Nesma Airline to Riyadh and the flight was delayed for an hour. It was extremely frustrating, but I must say that the airline staff handled the situation well and kept everyone informed. The staff was extremely supportive and apologized to the travelers and informed us that the delay was caused due to technical issues. Throughout the journey, the cabin crew was active to respond to the passenger requirement and needs. They had good meal option. -
5/ 5stars
I have been a regular traveler to Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam due to my business requirement. I have travelled with Nesma many times and did not face any major issue. Excellent airline, on-time service, very attentive crew, excellent customer service, and the airline staff were always ready to assist and help the passengers. One of the best in Saudi Arabia. -