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Air India Flight & PNR Status check status

Keeping track of your tickets, the timing of your flight and your booking status is cumbersome, especially if you are in a hurry. To simplify this process, Cleartrip allows you to check your PNR status in a fast and easy manner.

The Passenger Name Record (PNR) will provide you with information about the real-time status of your booking. You will be able to know if your Air India tickets have been confirmed, or if you are on the waiting list. You will also have access to updates about the exact arrival and departure of Air India flights.

The PNR number may be found in your ticket itself. If more than one ticket is booked at the same time, they will all have the same PNR number. This number corresponds to bookings, not individual passengers.

You may check your PNR status on the go through the Cleartrip app or website. One of the biggest benefits of this feature is that it negates the need to carry your ticket. If your PNR status is confirmed, you may show it to the airport and Air India authorities and board your plane instantly.

To check your PNR status, search for PNR on the website and click on the button that says, “Click Here”. You will be redirected to Air India website, where you may access your PNR within seconds.

The ability to check your PNR status is just one of the several features that Cleartrip offers. You may also avail of the Web check-in option to save time at the airport. To book flights within 60 seconds, use the one-touch booking feature. Make the process of booking and boarding your flight hassle-free.

Popular Air India International Flights

  • Air India

    Air India


  • 12:05 AM Jeddah
  • 04h 55m Non stop
  • 07:30 AM Mumbai
  • SAR 2146
  • Air India

    Air India


  • 09:30 AM Mumbai
  • 03h 55m Non stop
  • 10:55 AM Riyadh
  • SAR 1196
  • Air India

    Air India


  • 12:15 AM Riyadh
  • 03h 45m Non stop
  • 06:30 AM Mumbai
  • SAR 1073
  • Air India

    Air India


  • 04:30 AM Mumbai
  • 04h 40m Non stop
  • 06:40 AM Jeddah
  • SAR 2133
  • Air India

    Air India


  • 12:45 AM New Delhi
  • 04h 15m Non stop
  • 02:30 AM Dammam
  • SAR 1139
  • Air India

    Air India


  • 03:45 AM Dammam
  • 03h 55m Non stop
  • 10:10 AM New Delhi
  • SAR 1473
  • Air India

    Air India


  • 01:50 AM Riyadh
  • 04h 10m Non stop
  • 08:30 AM New Delhi
  • SAR 1461
  • Air India

    Air India


  • 02:05 AM New Delhi
  • 04h 55m Non stop
  • 04:30 AM Riyadh
  • SAR 1153
  • Air India

    Air India


  • 12:30 AM Cochin
  • 06h 00m Non stop
  • 04:00 AM Jeddah
  • SAR 2876
  • Air India

    Air India


  • 12:25 AM Jeddah
  • 05h 50m Non stop
  • 08:45 AM Cochin
  • SAR 2533