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Air Cairo Airlines

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Popular Air Cairo Domestic Flights

  • Air Cairo


  • 12:05 Cairo
  • 02h 10m Non stop
  • 03:15 Jeddah
  • SAR 1132
  • Air Cairo


  • 12:05 Jeddah
  • 01h 05m Non stop
  • 01:10 Cairo
  • SAR 1058
  • Air Cairo


  • 12:01 Alexandria
  • 02h 19m Non stop
  • 03:20 Jeddah
  • check
  • Air Cairo


  • 01:00 Jeddah
  • 01h 30m Non stop
  • 01:30 Alexandria
  • SAR 460
  • Air Cairo


  • 12:45 Cairo
  • 01h 55m Non stop
  • 03:40 Mudanjiang
  • SAR 815
  • Air Cairo


  • 01:15 Mudanjiang
  • 01h 15m Non stop
  • 01:30 Cairo
  • SAR 1160
  • Air Cairo


  • 12:15 Riyadh
  • 04h 05m Non stop
  • 03:20 Alexandria
  • check
  • Air Cairo


  • 10:15 Alexandria
  • 02h 45m Non stop
  • 02:00 Riyadh
  • SAR 575
  • Air Cairo


  • 07:40 Jeddah
  • 01h 50m Non stop
  • 08:30 Sohag
  • SAR 1605
  • Air Cairo


  • 03:45 Sohag
  • 02h 00m Non stop
  • 06:45 Jeddah
  • SAR 614
  • Air Cairo


  • 03:30 Doha
  • 02h 40m Non stop
  • 06:10 Alexandria
  • check
  • Air Cairo


  • 10:45 Alexandria
  • 03h 30m Non stop
  • 03:15 Doha
  • check
  • Air Cairo


  • 06:05 Leipzig Halle
  • 01h 00m Non stop
  • 07:05 Frankfurt
  • check
  • Air Cairo


  • 01:00 Alexandria
  • 03h 00m Non stop
  • 05:00 Kuwait
  • check
  • Air Cairo


  • 02:00 Kuwait
  • 03h 00m Non stop
  • 04:00 Alexandria
  • check
  • Air Cairo


  • 06:00 Kuwait
  • 02h 50m Non stop
  • 07:50 Sohag
  • SAR 1487
  • Air Cairo


  • 01:30 Sohag
  • 02h 30m Non stop
  • 05:00 Kuwait
  • check
  • Air Cairo


  • 02:00 Marsa Alam
  • 04h 45m Non stop
  • 06:45 Prague
  • check
  • Air Cairo


  • 01:30 Prague
  • 04h 30m Non stop
  • 06:00 Marsa Alam
  • check
  • Air Cairo


  • 01:00 Prague
  • 04h 15m Non stop
  • 05:15 Hurghada
  • check

Air Cairo Airlines Details

About Air Cairo Airlines

The AirCairo Airline is a low fare airline based in Cairo, Egypt established in the year 2003. 60% of its share is owned by EgyptAir, 20% by the Full-Service Bank of Egypt, and 20% by Bank Misr. AirCairo Airlines operates scheduled flights to the Middle East and Europe and charter flights to Egypt from Europe on behalf of tour operators. Its main base is Cairo International Airport with the company head office in the Sheraton Heliopolis Zone. At present, the airline is operating flights to a number of airports in Egypt, Italy, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Jordan, Kuwait, Czech Republic and a few others. In the year 2012, Air Cairo launched its first regular flight from Borg El Arab Airport to a number of airports in Kuwait, Amman, Jeddah, Tripoli, Sabha, Misrata and Riyadh. The airline is well-renowned in the aviation industry for providing the best in class service to its passengers. It is reputed to operate its flights in time and take good care of its customers not only in the flight but also at the airport. However, it has been upgrading its service and is in the process of continuous improvement.

Air Cairo Airlines Reservation / Why make Air Cairo Airlines booking on Cleartrip?

Reserving your air tickets with Air Cairo Airlines has become much simpler than before with the help of Cleartrip. It is an online platform that allows you to browse through and book your flight tickets right from the comfort of your own PC or Smartphone. You can visit Cleartirip to book your online air ticket for Air Cairo. It thrives to make your booking experience easy and memorable. Over the years, there has been a gradual increase in the number of Cleartrip mobile app users, as more and more travelers prefer to go paperless for booking tickets and check-in procedures with the airline.

Air Cairo Airlines Online Check-In and Boarding Pass

The airline offers the option of web check-in and online check-in, thereby making your process of travelling a bit easier and faster. You can get your online boarding pass online, which makes the process of entering the airport hassle free.  So, you can directly go to the baggage deposit counter and process to security check-in. It makes life easier during the peak travel hours, especially if you are running late for the airport.

Air Cairo Airlines Services and In-Flight Meals

Air Cairo is one of the most popular domestic airline options in comparison to its contemporaries. It offers its travelers with several services, making it one of the preferred airlines of Egypt. At the airport, you will find premier check-in counters where the airline staff is always ready to help their customers. They offer premier lounge for their club members. You can avail some of the special offers by the airline in the form of discounted fare and extra check-in baggage options. These offers are available during the festive seasons or when you are using credit or debit card of a specific bank, which is tied up with Air Cairo Airlines.

Other services offered by them include:

  • Complimentary amenity kits
  • Special assistance for unaccompanied children, senior citizens, pregnant women and travelers with disability or illness.
  • Pets are allowed in the freight.

The airline offers excellent hot meals during the flight for both domestic and international travelers. This is one of the reasons that make them one of the popular international airlines. You can choose from the varied meal options while doing an online check-in or while making your reservation. They offer hot and cold beverages and you can also pay for certain meal during the flight. The airlines have been appreciated by its travelers for the quality of meals it offers.

Baggage Policy

Air Cairo baggage allowance includes free baggage allowance of 30 kg for all destinations, except for Europe for which the baggage allowance is free up to 23 kg. The airline permits carrying one hand baggage on board together with one laptop. The baggage allowance differs for the Business and the Economy class.

For the business class, the baggage allowance for Air Cairo Airlines is mentioned below:

  • 2 pieces of check-in baggage, with a maximum weight of 32 kgs (70lbs) and measuring 158 cm each.
  • Carry-on baggage weighing 8 kg is allowed for each passenger along with a personal bag.

For the Economy class, the baggage allowance is mentioned below.

  • 2 pieces of checked-in baggage are allowed, with a maximum weight of 23 kg and a maximum dimension of 158 cm.
  • One carry-on baggage is allowed with a maximum weight of 8 kg along with a personal bag.

The baggage policy remains the same for adults as well as child passengers. If you want to carry extra baggage, you can do so by booking the extra baggage beforehand and paying for the same. Air Cairo Airlines, in some cases, launch a promotional offer that allows the passengers to carry extra baggage for free. In some cases, you can book the extra luggage at a discounted price as part of the promotional offer. Along with this, Air Cairo is one of the few airlines that allow the travelers to take their pet with prior permission and booking. The airline is one with top international flight Schedule.

Travel Classes on Air Cairo Airlines

Air Cairo Airline offers its travelers with 2 kinds of cabin categories: economy class and the business class. The airline has been within the steady path of growth and hopefully in the approaching years, we can expect the premium economy and first-class as a part of the airline’s travel class. There are quite a few variations among the cabin categories, and therefore the same is true for Air Cairo.  The economy class is the basic class of the airline and is usually referred to as the main cabin.

The airline has business category for its travelers that is additionally referred to as the happy medium class. Luxury is the priority for Business class travelers. Air Cairo Airline’s business class has been quite famous among its travelers. Customer privileges, luxuries and glorious services are the only real mantra of business category being a hit among the travelers. If you go through the online reviews, it will provide you with an insight about the pros of the airline’s business class that makes it a favorite one in comparison to its contemporaries. Business category travelers have wider seats that recline for optimal comfort. Air Cairo Airlines provide a full meal service that includes hot and cold beverages and also multi course meals. The meals are included in the air ticket price, and in some cases, the travelers have to purchase the meals over the flight. These meals must be pre-booked while doing the web check-in or online check-in, or it can even be booked by calling the customer care service department of the airline. Cleartrip’s mobile application can also help you in pre-booking the meal according to your choice and preference.

Air Cairo Airlines Fleet Information

Air Cairo Airlines has a fleet of 7 Airbus-A320-200 aircrafts with an average age of 11.0 years. Manufactured by Airbus, it is a narrow body, short-medium range, twin-engine, commercial passenger jet airliner that can cover a distance of 3,100 to 12,000 km in a single flight. The latest models of the aircraft feature quieter cabin area with increased storage and contemporary interiors. The seats are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort to the passengers. The air purifier present in the aircraft removes smells from the interiors. With enhanced shoulder room, overhead bin space, reduced weight, slim PSU and in-flight entertainment system, the aircraft keeps its passengers safe and comfortable. To keep at par with the increasing demand in the aviation industry, the airline plans to increase its fleet size to 20 by the year 2020.

Cleartrip’s Runway for Air Cairo Airlines

In case you are looking for cheap Air Cairo Airlines tickets for both domestic and international flights, Cleartrip can help you. Cleartrip is an online travel ticket booking website that facilitates easy and hassle-free reservation. Cleartrip has its online booking website as well as a mobile application. You can use either the website or the mobile app as per your convenience and preference.

Some of the prime features of Cleartrip are:

  • One-click bookings with express Checkout. Your traveler profile and payment details are saved on your phone or web account so that you'll be able to make your travel bookings quicker than ever before. Cleartrip implements a secured system to keep your data and details safe and secure with them.
  • Anytime, anyplace trip information on your phone–itinerary details, PNR numbers and different booking details are forever accessible on your phone. After you sign in to your Cleartrip Account, all trip info in your account becomes accessible on your phone irrespective of the way you have booked for the ticket or trip.
  • You will have access to a comprehensive travel guide to the destination you are traveling to by Air Cairo Airlines.

The search process of Cleartrip is very simple and user-friendly. You will have to search for the required flight details using the date of travel, destination and name of the airline. The different flights to the required destination will be displayed along with their time of departure, time of arrival and price. Accordingly, you can choose the best offer and reserve the flight tickets.

Cleartrip gives you the opportunity to compare the price of the tickets and book the best one. Along with this, Cleartrip gives information about the places to visit in the city, best places to dine and any event happening in the city.

Air Cairo Airlines News & Updates

  • Air Cairo will start flights from Roe and Naples to Egypt’s Marsa Alam as per Scoopempire.
  • Air Cairo to add wet-leased embraer capacity in 2019 as per ch-aviation.
  • Brartislava Ivanka Airport announces 47 routes for 2019 summer which includes 2 for Air Cairo.
  • Air Cairo resumes its to and from flight for Germany as per FVW.
  • Germany banned flights for Air Cairo owing to problem with catering regulation
  • Air Cairo to introduce scheduled flights between Sharm El Sheik and Belgrade.

Sunworld International Airways FAQ

  1. Can I pre-book my extra luggage?

    Yes, you can pre-book your extra luggage online or by calling the customer service department of the Airline.

  2. How can I make changes to my reservation?

    If you want to make changes to your reservation, you can do so by logging in to your Air Cairo account and checking in ‘my current reservation’. Else you can call the customer care team over phone and request them to make the required reservation changes.

  3. How many days in advance can I book my flight reservation?

    You can book your flight reservation before 331 days from the scheduled date of departure of the flight.

  4. Where can I find my PNR number?

    Your PNR number will be emailed to you after booking confirmation. You can also log in to your Air Cairo account to get the PNR number.

  5. Which form of payment can I use?

    You can use credit card, debit card, PayPal or net banking for paying for the reservation.

  6. Do I get any discount for booking the flight ticket with Air Cairo?

    The airline conducts occasional promotional offers. You will have to keep a check on the promotional offers through the official website or Cleartrip website to avail the discount.

Sunworld International Airways Customer Reviews

Rated 4/5 based on 24 customer reviews
Customer reviews:
4/ 5stars
I had an amazing week of holidays in Hurghada. However, I additionally assume it's vital to acknowledge the airline that makes it all happen by transporting you to and back in safety. I flew with Air Cairo and it was an awesome experience for sure. The crew members on the flight were friendly, professional and skilled. Next time I fly to Egypt, I will definitely choose Air Cairo. - by
3/ 5stars
Dusseldorf to Hurghada with Air Cairo. The crew were friendly and skilled, they even offered American meals on request. The flight had no turbulence and we reached Hurghada safely and on time. - by
4/ 5stars
The plane was new and clean. They served a hot meal, really delicious butter cookies and a soft drink. Even the flights reached its destination exactly on time. I would like to recommend Air Cairo to all. - by
4/ 5stars
There was lot of changes in the airline from the previous time I had traveled. The aircraft was new, and they served hot meals along with excellent crew. They have definitely improved a lot over all these years. - by
4/ 5stars
I’m a regular Air Cairo traveler and this is my favorite airline amongst all. The seats are extremely comfortable, the crew members are polite and professional, and they give due assistance to all pregnant women, disabled people, children and other people with special needs. Love the way they treat their passengers. Keep it up… - by