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Saudi Gulf Airlines Airlines

About Saudi Gulf Airline

Saudi Gulf Airline is one of the renowned and leading air carriers of Saudi Arabia. The airline commenced in the year 2013 and was founded by Abdel Hadi Abdullah and Al-Qahtani. Owned by the Al Qahtani Group of companies and based at Dammam, Saudi Gulf Air is the third airline of Saudi Arabia that entered the international space. Saudi Airlines and Flynas Airlines are ahead of Saudi Gulf Air when it comes to venturing the international business territory.

The aviation industry has high competition owing to a large number of airlines and the increased demand and expectations of air travelers. Vision statement of Saudi Gulf Airline Be a pioneer of change, opening new horizon in the sky. points to the fact that the organization was launched to be the leader in the aviation industry. True to its vision, the company has strived to reach the top through its finest service and technology to get ahead of its competitors. 22nd June 2016 was the day when Saudi Gulf Airline received its air operators certificate and started its operation on 29th October 2016. The first flight was between Dammam and Riyadh and operated twice a day. A new leader in the aviation industry was born and is still standing tall.

Saudi Gulf Airline Reservation / Why make Saudi Gulf Airline booking on Cleartrip?

Saudi Gulf Airline has been consistently working towards providing its travelers with the best service and hospitality to be one of the Popular International Airlines. Booking your next ticket with Saudi Gulf Air is as easy as ABC on Cleartrip. Cleartrip is a travel booking portal facilitating easy reservation of air tickets. You will have to select the travel date, destination details, number of traveler and any preference in the search criteria that will fetch the flight details, duration and time of departure and arrival for you. The airline collaborated with Cleartrip to provide its travelers with a seamless travel experience.

Saudi Gulf Air provides a seamless check-in over the counter facility. Its a pre-designed process facilitating a smooth, punctual and fast process. Along with this, you can also check-in online 36 hours and 3 hours prior to the flight departure time. The process of selecting your preferred seat could be done during online check-in and eventually printing your boarding pass. The check-in process is designed to make your travel with the airline seamless and enjoyable.

The airline is considered among the Popular Domestic Airlines of Saudi Arabia engages in devising excellent service and connecting the travelers. The airline aims at providing seamless service wherein its customer support plays a key role.

These facilities reduce stress and make the journey delightful.

Services and In-Flight Meals

Their services have been categorized as follows.

  • In the air service: In the air service from Saudi Gulf Airline includes in-flight entertainment (latest movies, TV shows, music and games), internet-on-the air, and excellent onboard dining. They offer exquisite Arabian hot meals for the flyers that will satiate your taste buds.
  • On the ground service: On the ground service from Saudi Gulf Air includes dedicated check-in counters, premium lounges, and exclusive concierge services.
  • Special offers: Special discounts during Sharqiah season, special offers for Samba bank customers, and 20% discount on IMG Worlds of Adventure amusement park in Dubai.
  • In the air: You can enjoy luxury Business Class and Comfortable Economy class with various amenities like in-flight entertainment and meals.
  • Saudi Gulf card: Frequent Flyers can enjoy many benefits through the membership card.

Baggage Policy

Being a traveler-friendly airline, Saudi Gulf Airline offers varied baggage policy for its domestic and international flyers. The baggage policy is categorized into domestic and international.

Saudi Gulf Air: Domestic Baggage Policy

The domestic baggage policy comes under economy and business and is further grouped into saver, smart and flex.

Baggage policy for domestic economy class

  • For saver, hand-baggage is 7 kg and checked-in baggage is 25 kg.
  • For smart, hand-baggage is 7 kg and checked-in is 30 kg.
  • For flex, hand-baggage is 7 kg and checked-in baggage is 35 kg.

Baggage policy for domestic business first class

  • For smart, hand-baggage is 10 kg and checked-in is 30 kg.
  • For smart, hand-baggage is 10 kg and checked-in is 45 kg.
  • For flex, hand-baggage is 10 kg and checked-in baggage is 50 kg.

Saudi Gulf Air: International Baggage Policy

The international flights baggage policy is categorized into economy class and business first class. The baggage policy for Saudi Gulf Air international flights are as follows:

For Economy

  • For the saver, hand-baggage is 7 kg and checked-in baggage is 30 kg.
  • For smart, hand-baggage is 7 kg and checked-in is 30 kg.
  • For Flex, hand-baggage is 7 kg and checked-in is 35 kg.

For Business First

  • For smart, hand-baggage is 10 kg and checked-in is 30 kg.
  • For smart, hand-baggage is 10 kg and checked-in is 40 kg.
  • For flex, hand-baggage is 10 kg and checked-in baggage is 45 kg.

As per the policy, a single bag should weigh no more than 32 kg and 10kg is allowed for checked-in baggage for infants in addition to the above-mentioned baggage policy.

Travel Classes on Saudi Gulf Airline

Saudi Gulf Air is on the path of growth and as of now, they have two cabin classes. The Business First cabin and Economy cabin. Business first travelers experience a balance of comfort and luxury. Each seat is designed as a cabin with a comfy leather seat with 45 cm of leg space. The Business first travelers experience free internet connection along with an exclusive selection of Arabic dining. Added to these is the in-flight entertainment.

Something exclusive with Saudi Gulf Airline is that its economy class is superior in comparison to the other carriers. It has leather seats and shoulder support and doesnt compromise on space and comfort. The economy travelers can enjoy 31 cm of leg room and enjoy in-flight entertainment.

The airline crew and staff are friendly and approachable and offer individual attention to its flyers. They act proactively in order to provide the travelers with a tailor-made solution. Saudi Gulf Airline as a company is innovative and customer-focused and works towards improving their service and customer experience, focusing on Top International Flight Schedules and service.

Saudi Gulf Airline Fleet Information

Saudi Gulf Airline has been growing over the years and same is true about its fleet. The airline was founded in the year 2013, and its first operation commenced in October 2016. The base or the main hub of the airline is Dammam King Fahd International with a total fleet of 6 aircraft. The fleet consists of 6 Airbus A320 with an average age of 6.7 years. Airbus A320-200 with registration no LZ-BHH was delivered in Oct 2018 and is 12.7 years old. Airbus A320-200 with registration no LZ-BHI was delivered in October 2018 and is 12.0 years old.

There are four more Airbus A320-200 with registration number VP-CGW, VP- CGX, VP-CGY, and VP- CGZ with age of 4.2 years, 4.1 years, 3.8 years, and 3.6 years respectively. Some of the aircraft that comprises the fleet size of Saudi Gulf Airline is comparatively new as the airline is in the process of enhancing its fleet capacity. The aircraft flies to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Sialkot, Abha, Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh, Medina, and Dubai are included as their destined cities.

Cleartrips Runway for Saudi Gulf Airline

With its excellent service, the airline has become quite popular among travelers from Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Pakistan. Booking the tickets for Saudi Gulf Airline is quite easy; and to provide you with a magnificent experience, you can choose a reliable travel website. Cleartrip one of the best booking websites that can provide you with an unprecedented experience. Cleartrip is an award-winning website that renders to every travelers needs. We believe in keeping things simple and are at your service always. So, when you want to travel with the Saudi Gulf Airline, it will be worth to choose Cleartrip as your booking partner. It is a travel booking site that offers you the best deals at the best price, something that will interest you as a traveler.

The process of booking your travel tickets through the website is very simple. Choose your travel date, destination, and preferred airlines. The website will provide you with different options and the best price for each. You can do the booking by entering passenger details and from and to destinations and confirm the booking by making the payment. Following this procedure, your travel tickets will be emailed, and you can take a printout. You can also call the customer support of Cleartrip, if you have any queries.

Cleartrip is far ahead of its competitors when it comes to providing the best deal and customer service. Cleartrip also assists with hotel booking for the destination you are traveling to and provides information about the places of interest, best dining options and special events at the city. So, take advantage of all the services from Cleartrip and make your travel a memorable one. You can book your tickets on Cleartrip website or mobile app.

Saudi Gulf Airline News & Updates

  • Upward trend in booking travel tickets through mobile apps: As per the 2018 Travel Insights Report that was published by Cleartrip and Flyin, online booking figures have gone up drastically. As per Saudi Gazette news, in the GCC region, the figures went up by a whopping 110%.
  • Cleartrip is one of the popular online travel companies in the middle-east: Cleartrip has enabled Apple Pay option for booking tickets online for their travelers in Saudi Arabia as per TTN news of middle-east.
  • Cleartrip adds a new payment option to their payment gateway: In collaboration with Singtel teams, Axiata digital, Cleartrip has integrated Apple Pay to the website and App booking system.
  • Istanbul airport will be used for flight service by Japanese, Indian, and the Saudi Arabian Airlines: Saudi Gulf Airline will be a part of this venture.
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  1. Can I book multiple destination tickets?

    You can book multiple tickets through Cleartrip. If you have connecting flight then it will be included under the same travel booking, else each ticket will be designated as separate.

  2. What is a booking reference no?

    A booking reference number is a unique number that a passenger gets after his booking is confirmed. You can later call it as your passenger identification no. The number is required for online check-in, printing the boarding pass or selecting your seat in the aircraft.

  3. Can I book my tickets from the customer service center?

    Yes, you can book your travel tickets for Saudi Gulf airline by their call center. Their customer service executive will be able to help you book the ticket. They will require your details and payment details to process the booking. At the end, the tickets will be emailed to you.

  4. What are the benefits of booking tickets online?

    Online booking provides the best deals to customers. Using an online travel ticket booking site like Cleartrip will enable you to get the tickets at the cheapest price.

  5. What happens when I miss my flight?

    In case you miss your flight, you can call the call center or contact the airline staff at the airport. They will help you re-schedule your tickets or any other possible arrangement for your travel.

  6. Can I avail a group discount?

    Yes, you can avail a group discount when you are traveling in a group of 10 members or more. You can get more information regarding this by calling our customer support center.

Saudi Gulf Airlines Customer Reviews

Rated 4.5/5 based on 24 customer reviews
Customer reviews:
4/ 5stars
Great Airline to travel with and I have been their Saudi Gulf club member for many years. Love to travel with them due to their hospitality and facilities like in-flight entertainment and fresh food. -
5/ 5stars
I am a frequent traveler and have traveled with many airlines. I traveled with Saudi Gulf Airline recently and was impressed with the experience. I highly rate my experience with them. -
3/ 5stars
One of the best Airlines to travel from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia! I liked the personal attention they gave to the passengers and prompt service. I will surely recommend the airline to my friends and relatives. The food could be better. -
5/ 5stars
I got the best deal with this airline. I traveled in the peak holiday season and the price for the air tickets was so high unless I discovered the offer from Saudi Gulf Airline. Best price and best service. -
4/ 5stars
I was impressed with the hospitality of the airline staff. They served hot meals and were very caring towards my baby. But my flight was not on time and I had to wait for another 45 minutes and that was irritating. -