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About Onur Airlines

Onur Airlines is a Turkish budget carrier based at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Onur Air was established on April 14, 1992 and started operating flights from May 14 of the same year. Onur Air was the first private air carrier that started operating domestic flights after the opening of domestic air travel in Turkey in 2003. The airline proceeded towards establishing itself as a low-cost airline available for both scheduled and non-scheduled flights. The airline has a crew of 1668 members and has a fleet of 30 aircrafts. The airline covers 14 major domestic airports and over 120 international airports scheduled and non-scheduled in 25 different nations across the globe, including Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Lebanon, Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and others. The airline has carried more than 100 million travelers securely since 1992.

Over all these years, Onur Airlines has served its customers in every possible way, and has gained a reputation in the aviation industry. However, in the coming months, Onur Airlines has plans to move its fligths operating from Ataturk Airport to Istanbul Airport.

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Onus Airlines Online Check-In and Boarding Pass

Onus Air is one of the most popular international airlines and has an excellent policy for online check-in. The online check-in facility is available through their website or app. The information required for online check-in include PNR number, name and surname. After the completion of online check-in process, you can print your boarding pass and get easy access at the airport.

Onur Airlines Services and In-Flight Meals

Being a Popular Domestic Airline, the airline offers its traveler with a number of desirable services. The first one being the facility of mobile application. You can download the Onus app in your mobile phone and get update on flight schedule, ticket prices, flight details and more. You can also check-in through the mobile app. Onur Airline offers free on-air magazine for the travelers. The magazine contains airline communication, PR, advertisement and promotional offers. It also includes the current events in English and Turkish. You can enquire about any item you have lost during your travel through the lost property section. You can call, email or fax them with the details. These numbers are available in their official website. The other services include shuttle bus service, qualified ticket application, city guide and others.

You can choose your in-flight meals. The hot meal options include spirit, soft drink, sandwiches, sweet and salty appetizers and other dishes. The meal charges are included in the booking charges, or you can buy it while in the flight. You can place an order for your in-flight meal 12 hours prior to the flight departure. If you have any special needs, such as gluten free meal, diabetic friendly meal, dairy free meal etc., you can inform the airline beforehand.

Baggage Policy

Onur Air has a standard baggage policy. It allows 15 kg baggage for domestic flights and 30 kg for the international flights. In case you purchase a package from the airline, there will be amendment in the baggage policy.

For domestic flights

  • Plain package allows 15 kg
  • Standard package allows 20 kg
  • Premium flex package allows 25 kg

The excess baggage fee is dependent on the place from where you book it. If you book for excess baggage from the airport, you may need to pay a higher fee than purchasing excess baggage online.   

When you are carrying special sports equipment, you will have to pay an extra baggage fee for both domestic and international flights. Items that are not allowed in the flight include liquid, inflammable and fragile products. A maximum of 40 kg baggage is allowed for each traveler and an infant gets a baggage allowance of 10 kg. In case your baggage is lost or damaged, you will have to record your complaint at the lost property office before you leave the airport. The checked-in baggage recorded under the passenger ticket and with Onus tag will be considered the airline’s responsibility.

Travel Classes on Onus Airlines

The travel classes for Onur Airlines include the economy and business class. Onus offers its travelers with two cabin classes in comparison to other aircrafts that offer four cabin classes. Onur Air has been within the path of growth; and ideally within few years, they will anticipate the premium economy and first-class airline’s cabin class as well. The economy is the fundamental class of the carrier and is regularly called as coach, standard or fundamental cabin. The seats of the economy class have around 19 inches seat pitch. The legroom is fair enough to give a comfortable flight to the passengers.

Onur Airlines has business class for its travelers in some of the aircrafts, which is also known as the upbeat medium class. Business class is where extravagance is offered to the airline’s customers. Onus aircrafts Business class has played a key part in pulling in first-class travelers from its competitive airlines, owing to the class of services offered by Onus. Business class travelers have more spacious seats that lean back to give an enhanced comfort level to the passengers. Other services for Business class travelers include full dinner benefit, a courtesy pack, in-flight entertainment, a bar range, and a multi-course feast. A quite enhanced service is offered by the airline for both its business and economy class travelers, due to which it has become a very Popular International Airline among travelers.

Not only in the flight, have business class travelers also received special treatment at the airport. They have easier check-in and baggage policies than economy class travelers. They are given priority while checking in, security screening and baggage handling procedures as well. So, if you can afford, be ready to spend a little extra on a business class ticket in Onus Airline.

Onus Airlines Fleet Information

The current Onur Airlines fleet includes 26 aircrafts. It consists of the below-mentioned aircrafts.

  • Airbus A320-200 – There are 7 of these planes in service and has the capability of carrying 180 passengers.
  • Airbus A321-200 – There are 9 aircrafts in service with passenger capability of 210 (for 2 flights), 219 (for 3 flights), and 220 (for 4 flights).
  • Airbus A330-200- There are 4 of these aircrafts. It has 1 aircraft with 237 passenger capacity, 1 aircraft with 300 passenger capacity and 2 aircrafts with 311 passenger capacity.
  • Airbus A330-200- It has total 6 of these aircrafts. It has 2 aircrafts with 303 passenger capacity, 2 aircrafts with 306 passenger capacity, and 2 aircrafts with 307 passenger capacity.

Onur Airlines has a fleet of retired aircraft, which includes Airbus A300 introduced in 1996 and retired in 2013, McDonnell Douglas MD-82 which was introduced in 2007 and retired in 2009. The other two retired aircrafts are McDonnell Douglas MD-83 introduced in 2005 and retired in 2009, and McDonnell Douglas MD-88 introduced in 1997 and retired in 2011.

The airline rightly follows its mission of becoming the pioneer company in the Turkish aviation industry and leads through service quality, flight safety and training. The company believes in providing safety, reliability, punctuality and reasonably priced flight service to its customers.

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Onur Airlines News & Updates

  • The Airline will be launching its Istanbul-Kuwait service from June 2019 as a part of its extension plans as per CAPA.
  • Onur Airline has a multiple year contract for delivering engine cowling blankets for V2500 engines as per Aerospace.
  • The airline will stop flying from Istanbul Ataturk to Canakkale, Diyarbakir, Gaziantep, Malatya, Samun and Trabzon owing to high cost as per FlightGlobal.
  • The Airline started its summer seasonal operation from Antalya to two polish cities as per anna aero.
  • Turkish Airlines lead in the Russian market among the foreign airlines and Onur is a part of it as per Daily Sabah Business.

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  1. How can I buy the tickets for Onur Airlines?

    You can buy the tickets through their official website at Onur Airlines or through Cleartrip.

  2. What is the customer service number for the airline?

    You can reach the Onur Air call center at 08502106687.

  3. Can I fly in case I lose my ticket?

    The air tickets are generated online. You can call the Customer service and request them to email a copy of your ticket; else you can get one online.

  4. Will there be a price difference for tickets booked through the call center and one booked online?

    A nominal service charge is applied to the tickets bought on-line through the website or mobile application. Some service charge is also collected for the tickets purchased through Onur Air center, Onur Air price ticket Sales Offices at the flying field and through the licensed agencies of Onur Air.

  5. What are the items that I cannot carry in my hand baggage?

    Any liquids, inflammable substances, toxic products, explosives, irritants, poisons, sharp objects and magnetic materials cannot be carried during your flight.

  6. After the flight, I notice my baggage is damaged, what shall I do?

    You will have to contact the lost property team and report the issue at the lost property counter before leaving the airport.

Onur Air Customer Reviews

Rated 4/5 based on 24 customer reviews
Customer reviews:
3/ 5stars
Excellent service and airline staff. I lost my baggage during my journey. The lost property team made note of it and did their best to retrieve it for me along with an apology. -
3/ 5stars
I flew Istanbul-Berlin-Istanbul for a business trip with Onur Air. The airline was providing a free checked baggage allowance; thus, it absolutely was an honest deal for the worth I paid. -
3/ 5stars
Check-in method online was straightforward. Flight delayed by over one hour. Ground-service crew at the airport were quite helpful. Food that I purchased was good in quality and taste. Quality was as per expectation for paid food on a brief flight. The seat comfort is nice as they're quite cushioned compared to different airlines. -
4/ 5stars
Onur Airlines cabin crew is the most polite and patient I ever know. The seats are extremely comfortable and spacious, and I was really happy with the in-flight entertainment options offered by them. -
5/ 5stars
I’m a regular Onur Airlines customer. It is my favorite airline to fly with. I like the spacious seats its aircrafts have, and I love the way their crew members take care of their customers. -