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Eritrean Airlines was the national carrier airline of Eritrea, and was established in 1991. It was wholly owned by the Government of Eritrea, and was based at the Asmara International Airport. In 2003, it took delivery of its first aircraft and commenced operations.

On-Board Eritrean Airlines

The carrier served the destinations of Rome, Cairo, Jeddah, Dubai and Khartoum. It was a member of IATA, and was one of the primary reasons for relief goods from governments and EU relief organizations reaching Eritrea. It was also useful for facilitating the trade of fresh fishery products that is a major output of the country, in the other direction.

Connectivity and Fleet Information

Passengers in Saudi Arabia could use the airline to travel to Eritrea and other big cities like Rome and Cairo. They could make Eritrean Airlines online bookings to any of these destinations by connecting from Dubai.

The carrier used 1 Boeing 767 aircraft due to its good reputation, and to provide safety and comfort to its passengers. It also leased and used an Airbus A320 for some flights.

The airline ceased all operations as of December 2013.

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Top international sectors of Eritrean Airlines include asmara to dubai , dubai to asmara , jeddah to asmara and asmara to jeddah . They also have occasional flights from asmara to khartoum, khartoum to asmara and asmara to jeddah flights. Find more route here -