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Saudi Arabian Airlines


When it comes to travelling by air, it is important that you are aware of the baggage details to avoid any last minute hassle. Every airline company has its own set of rules related to baggage, even though the basic terms are same in most airlines. In the case of Saudi Arabian Airlines, which is the national airline company of Saudi Arabia, the policies related to baggage are well-defined. If you are worrying about damaged bag or carrying fragile special equipment, the information provided below will help. So, let us take a look at them before you plan your Saudi Arabian Air flight booking.


1.What baggage policy is followed by Saudi Arabian Air airline for its domestic flights?

In case of first class and business class, Saudi Arabian Air or Saudia allows each passenger to carry two baggage items, and the weight of each item should not cross the mark of 25kgs. On the other hand, only one baggage is allowed in the case of economy class, and it should be more than 25kgs.

2.What baggage policy is followed by Saudi Arabian Air airline for its international flights?

Maximum two items of baggage are allowed in the case of first and business class, where each item should not weigh more than 32kgs. Talking about the economy class, again two items are allowed, and each should not weigh more than 23kgs. To know more, you can visit,select your airline to know about ‘Baggage Allowance’ section.

3.How can I purchase excess baggage vouchers?

At the time of booking your Saudi Arabian Air ticket you can buy them via SADAD service. In case you want to purchase via credit card, it can be done only after booking.

4.How much do I have to pay for each extra item?

An addition fee of SAR140 has to be paid by the passenger for each additional item. The dimension of all bags should not be more than 62 inches for domestic flights. SAR140 will have to be paid by the passenger if the dimension of all baggage exceeds 62 inches.

5.What should be the maximum weight of the cabin baggage?

As per the Saudi Arabian Air baggage allowance policy, for first class and business class, the handbag should not weigh more than 9kgs. For the economy class, the limit is 7kgs.

6.What policy is followed by Saudia for delayed and damaged baggage?

In case of delayed baggage, you have to report to the service staff of Saudia immediately, and provide the thorough detail of your ticket itinerary and of description of your baggage as well. It will be the onus of the Saudia staff to locate the baggage through their tracking system. In the case of damaged bag, if the damage has been caused due to mishandling by the staff members of Saudia, the airline company will incur the loss for the damaged caused. However, Saudi Arabian Air airline cannot be held liable for the damaged caused to the unchecked baggage.

7.Can I carry fragile or special equipment?

Items that are listed in the ICAO and IATA cannot be carried during the journey. Fragile and perishable items cannot be carried in the checked baggage.