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How it works

Search for hotels for same day or next day check-ins to find hotels with upto 30% off in the search results. It gets even better when you're on the move. Just head to on your smartphone, pick the city you're travelling to or simply use your location to find the best deals around you.

How Cleartrip Quickeys work


How many cities have Quickeys hotels?

Currently we have handpicked Quickeys hotels in over 50 cities, and the list is growing by the day.

How late can I book a Quickeys hotel for same day check-in?

As late as you want. Most of our hotels accept bookings until midnight!

Can I book a Quickeys hotel for more than one night? Is there a restriction on length of stay?

No, there is no restriction on length of stay.

Can I use a discount code or another offer on a Quickeys hotel?

Yes, Quickeys bookings can be combined with other offers.

If I want to cancel a Quickeys booking, will I get a refund?

Yes, refunds will be processed as per the specific hotel's cancellation policy.