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Istanbul Hotels

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Yoo2 Taksim Square Hotel

Istanbul Marriott Hotel Asia

₹ 6541
4.5 Excellent

The Marmara Taksim

₹ 8417
4.5 Excellent

Sheraton Istanbul Atakoy Hotel

Free Breakfast ₹ 7646
4.0 Very Good

Swissotel The Bosphorus Istanbul

₹ 12679
4.5 Excellent

Kaya Istanbul Fair & Convention

₹ 4720
4.0 Very Good

Pera Palace Hotel, Jumeirah - Special Class

₹ 6361
4.5 Excellent

Ajia Hotel - Special Class

₹ 19114
4.0 Very Good

GLK PREMIER Regency Suites & Spa

₹ 7639
4.5 Excellent

Holiday Inn Istanbul City

Check Price
4.5 Excellent

Holiday Inn Istanbul Sisli

₹ 5512
4.0 Very Good

Avantgarde Levent Hotel - Boutique Class

₹ 6780
4.0 Very Good

Doubletree By Hilton Istanbul Old Town

₹ 8920
4.5 Excellent

Sura Design Hotel and Suites - Boutique Class

Free Breakfast ₹ 8227
4.5 Excellent

Ottomans Life Boutique Hotel

₹ 3310
4.0 Very Good

Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul

₹ 17178
4.5 Excellent

DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul Avcilar

₹ 4205
4.0 Very Good

Crowne Plaza Hotel Istanbul - Asia

₹ 8699
4.5 Excellent

Divan Istanbul Asia

₹ 5716
4.5 Excellent

Ritz Carlton

Check Price
4.5 Excellent

Visiting Istanbul: The City of Seven Hills

Istanbul in Turkey is the fifth largest city in the world with regards to population. The city of Istanbul was built on seven hills; hence, it has earned its name rightly. However, Istanbul is also called ‘The City that lies on two continents’. How is this possible though? Well, Istanbul is such a large city, that a part of it lies in the continent of Europe, while the other part of it lies in the continent of Asia. While the European side of Istanbul is buzzing with business centres, hustling crowds and buildings all around, the Asian side of Istanbul is more laid back, with scattered hotels, crowds of locals and tourists and plenty of beautiful tourist attractions.

Istanbul Hotel Booking Tips

  • Location of Istanbul Hotels:

    Istanbul has several hotels scattered all over the vast and beautiful city; and you will find a perfect hotel for all kinds of travellers. For those who are travelling on a budget, Istanbul offers some fantastic hotels at reasonable prices, however, for the more picky travellers; Istanbul also has some of the most luxurious 4 star and 5 star hotels.

  • Istanbul Hotels in Budget:

    Depending upon your budget, you can choose either one of the posh 5-star hotels in Istanbul or even opt for some of the cheaper hotels, which will still offer you great amenities, while on your stay in Istanbul.

  • Season to Book Hotels in Istanbul:

    Istanbul usually experiences hot summers and cold winters and some spectacular snowfall. April to May mark the spring season of Istanbul, while September to November experience pleasant climates, making these two times the best seasons to explore Istanbul. To avail some of the best rates for the hotels in Istanbul, you can always book your hotels in advance, to enjoy some cheaper rates!

  • Reviews of Hotels in Istanbul:

    When booking hotels in Istanbul for your stay, it is best to look up all kinds of reviews and recommendations from both tourists as well as locals of the city. This will give you a clearer idea about the kind of hotel service you can expect, the amenities offered and the overall experience of other guests in these hotels.

Best localities to Book Hotels in Istanbul

  • Hotels near Eminönü and Topkapı Palace

    - You can find a lovely group of hotels near these areas known as Sirkeci Hotels. This area offers tourists the best points of interest to visit during their stay in Istanbul.

  • Hotels near Nişantaşı district

    - Hotels near this district are well-known all over Istanbul for their unique customer service and excellent amenities. For those tourists who are looking for the best shopping places in Istanbul, this district is the best place to look for hotels as the area is filled with wonderful shopping places. However, for the more touristy experience, you would have to travel further away from this district.

  • Hotels near Beyazit and Lelali-

    Tourists will find their accommodation close to the major tram stations, which can easily take you to all of the tourist attractions around the city. These hotels are well-known for their excellent customer service and great comfort. You can easily search through the Cleartrip website and find out all about the exciting hotel deals and offers in Istanbul to make your stay all the more comfortable and affordable.

How to reach Istanbul?

Ataturk Airport is the main international airport of Istanbul which welcomes various airlines and flights from cities like Athens, Cairo, Paris, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Kabul, and Doha. The airport is located in Yesilkoy, which is on the European side of Istanbul.

There are several other modes of transport, such as buses, shuttle service, cars, taxis and trams which can take you in and around the city in ease. Some of the nearest cities to Istanbul for a road trip are Esenyurt (24km), Bursa (94km), Gebze (46km), and Adapazari (124km).

Hotel Deals in Istanbul

Cleartrip website will give travellers the best choices of hotels in Istanbul. You can easily search for the best hotels for your stay in Istanbul according to your preference of locality, time of visit, as well as your budget. You can get hotel deals starting from SAR 59 to SAR 20,550 i.e. 63.53 Turkish Lira to 22128.32 Turkish Lira. You can also avail amazing offers and discounts on hotels in Istanbul at Cleartrip.

Must Try Dining Places in Istanbul

  • Deraliye Ottoman Palace Cuisine Restaurant- Sultanhmet Istanbul

  • 1924Istanbul- Beyoglu

  • Beso Restaurant Bistro- SultanhmetFatih

  • Old Ottoman Café and Restaurant- CagalogluHamamSokak

  • Marbella Terrace Café Restaurant- Sultanhmet

  • El Amed Terrace Restaurant- NuruosmaniyeCaddesi

  • N Terrace- TicarethaneSok

  • Mandabatmaz- Beyoglu

Places of Interest in Istanbul

  • Hagia Sophia Museum/ Church- A must visit place in Istanbul, this architectural wonder in Istanbul displays 30 million golden tiles all throughout the interior of this building, which has been constructed in the 6th century.

  • AyaSofya- This church, which was later converted into a mosque, remains one of Istanbul’s most prestigious landmarks throughout the history.

  • Topkapi Palace- A vast display of spectacular Islamic art, intricately hand painted tile work and open courtyards, this palace is home to many gold, glittery objects and wondrous gems.

  • Suleymaniye Mosque- An amazing architectural structure, which was constructed for one of the greatest rulers in Istanbul of the Ottoman empire.

  • RumeliFortness- A fortress with 3 towers, this is a must visit place when in Istanbul that highlights architectural and cultural beauty of the fortress.

  • Dolmabahce Palace- This palace was initially built only out of wood, however, it has now been replaced by 16 buildings with their own stables.

  • Blue Mosque- A majestic gift by Sultan Ahmet to his capital, the Blue Mosque is literally a mosque carved out of blue, and is a great place for shopping for high-quality souvenirs in the city.

Interesting Facts About Istanbul

  • People: Main Muslims live here along with Christians and Jews. People are friendly and courteous who take pride in their culture. They wear western clothes. In mosques, traditional clothes are worn and you can also spot women wearing head scarves. Turkish is mainly spoken here.

  • Origin- Istanbul was founded on 7 hills, hence, has got the name of The City of 7 Hills, just like ancient Rome.

  • Food: Turkish cuisine is a fuion of Asian, European, Middle east and Balkan cuisines. Some popular dishes are Doner kebab, baklava, borek, dolma, pilaf, fried eggplant, rice pudding, gozleme, etc. You will find many restaurants and stalls here.

  • Architecture- Istanbul is scattered with monuments, mosques and great architectural structures, which mirror the cities love for their heritage and culture. The Blue Mosque in Istanbul is the only mosque with 6 minarets, which is the maximum number of minarets allowed by a mosque.

  • Shopping- There is an abundance of shopping destinations for tourists to enjoy in Istanbul, however, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is the oldest market in the world with about 3000 shops!

Nearest Places to Visit

  • Bursa- Bursa lies at a distance of 154 km from Istanbul and can easily be reached by air or even by road. Bursa is one of the most industrialised cities Turkey and a wonderful visit, which is quite close to Istanbul itself.

  • Edrine- The city of Edrine lies just about 239 km from Istanbul and can be reached quite easily by road in just about 3 and a half hours. The beautiful city of Edrine has many points of interest and is a must visit for those looking to travel to other beautiful cities in Turkey near Istanbul.

  • Sakarya- Located on the coast of the Black Sea, Sakarya is just 155 km from Istanbul and a beautiful city to visit. It can be reached easily by air or by road, via bus, shuttle service or car.

Climate in Istanbul

While the average temperature of Istanbul is 14 degree Celsius, the city does experience quite heavy humidity as well. The winters in Istanbul last from mid-December to mid-March and the city experiences beautiful drizzle of rain and snowfall. Temperatures during this season do not go beyond 10 degree Celsius.

The summer months in Istanbul last from mid-June to mid-October and are quite pleasant, till temperatures start to rise around 25 degree Celsius and it starts getting hot and humid.

Best time to book hotels in Istanbul

December to March

These months are the best months in Istanbul, especially for people who love the cold weather and snow. However, the temperature in Istanbul during these months can fall below 10 degree Celsius.

March to May

Ideally, the most popular tourist visiting time in Istanbul is during these months, as the climate is simply perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. However, to enjoy the best hotel deals, it is best to book your hotels in advance.

September to November

These months also see a lot of influx of tourists as it marks the end of summers and the start of spring. The weather is near perfect and a great time to book hotel in this city.

Events & Festivals in Istanbul

  • Tulip Festival- If you happen to visit Istanbul during April, you can be a part of the magnificent Tulip Festival. Enjoy the view of the millions of beautifully coloured Tulips all over the city during this popular event in Istanbul.

  • International Istanbul Puppet Festival- While this festival was a much bigger deal during the Ottoman times and might be slowly dying out, it is still quite a popular event in Istanbul for both children and adults to enjoy some quality puppet shows in Istanbul.

  • International Istanbul Music Festival- One of the most awaited and popular events in Istanbul, the International Istanbul Music Festival consists of almost 30 different performances of artists from all walks of life with different tastes in music.

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